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The Godfather

In-depth hands-on with EA's blockbuster.

Four and a half years on from the atomic explosion of Grand Theft Auto III, the fallout's still raining down on the games business. The blast-proof Electronic Arts initially hid in its bunker, thumbing its nose at the genre, with execs routinely vocal about how it was a 'family' publisher that didn't really go around making such gratuitously violent titles. Fair enough. It's not as if it didnít dominate enough categories to last a lifetime to have to worry about getting its hands dirty.

FeatureEA's own Godfather

David De Martini, vice president and executive producer at EA Redwood Shores, discusses family, respect, and making a game based on one of the most-loved movie franchises ever.

David De Martini is no stranger to big names and big franchises - the last game he served as executive producer on was Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, and he's formerly worked with other licensed brands and celeb-studded games including NASCAR, NCAA and Knockout Kings. Taking on The Godfather, however, involves working with one of cinema's most enduring classics - and some of its greatest legends, in the form of actors Marlon Brando, James Caan and Robert Duvall, and director Francis Ford Coppola.