God of War News

Tribeca Film Festival will recognise video games as "official selections" from next year

Kiki Wolfkill and Hideo Kojima are amongst members of the festival's new gaming advisory board.

The Writers Guild of America drops games writing category from its 2020 awards

"The category will be reinstated when there is a critical mass of video games covered by the WGA."

Cory Barlog discusses almost cutting Kratos from God of War 2018

"It was like 'he's annoying, he's done.'"

God of War leads BAFTA Game Awards nominations

With as many for Obra Dinn and Florence as RDR2.

God of War's New Game+ mode arrives later this month

Tougher enemies, a new gear level, and more.

God of War fans think they've found its final undiscovered secret

UPDATE: Santa Monica confirms final secret found.

God of War is getting a New Game+ mode

Coming "at a later date".

God of War is a smash hit in UK chart

Second biggest week one sales so far this year.

Art allegedly from Sony Santa Monica's cancelled sci-fi PS4 IP emerges

Explore alien worlds where humanoids ride bareback on a kind of unicorn.

Watch Sony's fancy pants PS4 advert

And hunt for video game references.

Kratos is now voiced by Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge

Previous actor urges fans to let Sony "know what you think".

Sony announces God of War reboot

Featuring Kratos with a larger beard and possible son.

God of War dev Sony Santa Monica moving, expanding

270-person team relocating to space "4 or 5 times the size".

God of War HD, Uncharted 3 MP free for PlayStation Plus members today

PS2 horse racing game G1 Jockey 4 back from the dead as well!

Piranha 3DD writers discuss God of War film plans

And why they're updating Road to Perdition writer's original script.

Piranha 3DD, Saw screenwriters sign to God of War film

Universal will get them to the Greek.

Jaffe not interested in returning to God of War

Unless it puts gameplay in front of story.

Sony God of War dev working on new IP

Open world experience "a plus".

God of War Master Collection sighted

PS2, PS3 and PSP games in one pack.

Job ad suggests multiplayer God of War

Kratos vs. Kratos or Kratos and Kratos?

Directors differed on God of War III ending

Asmussen discusses alternatives.

Sony sorting GOW Trilogy availability

Three-game bundle here on 30th April.

GOWIII demo inside GOW collection

Confirmed, and easy on your Perseus.

Sony unveils God of War Collection

PS2 games on Blu-ray with Trophies in 720p.

God of War games to get Blu-ray release?

Looks like Sony's thinking about it.

Jaffe "happy" with Ratner directing GoW

"I actually really like X-Men 3."

Sony and Jaffe sued over God of War

Suers claim their ideas were stolen.

GoW creator says he's fed up

With making action adventures.

Jaffe hints at God of War 3

He's "very confident".

God of War dev speaks out

About his new PSP game.

God of War goes to Hollywood

Movie on way via Universal.

GoW dev's blog reveals all

Jaffe working on PSP title.