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Sony announces God of War reboot

Sony announces God of War reboot

Featuring Kratos with a larger beard and possible son.

Sony revealed an all new God of War game. It's called (wait for it)... God of War.

Kicking off Sony's E3 2016 press conference, the publisher rolled the following footage showing series stalwart Kratos taking care of a young boy in the wilderness.

Kratos looks a bit older than we remember. Plus he's changed his facial hair from a goatee to a full beard.

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Piranha 3DD writers discuss God of War film plans

And why they're updating Road to Perdition writer's original script.

You may not have heard of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton - the new writers of the long-awaited God of War movie - but you've probably heard of some their films.

God of War Master Collection sighted

PS2, PS3 and PSP games in one pack.

God of War Master Collection will bundle all the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP games in Sony's action series into a single release, according to a listing on Amazon Germany.

Sony unveils lost God of War II stage

Sony unveils lost God of War II stage

Huge Atlantis level cut from final game.

Sony has offered a glimpse at an enormous Atlantis stage that was cut out of God of War II.

In 2005 senior level designer Jonathan Hawkins was given the task of creating a stage set in the mythical submerged city for the PlayStation 2 sequel but the content ended up being cut due to "some high-level changes".

The platform holder posted design concepts for the level and a clip of Hawkins talking through his work, which you can see below, on its PlayStation blog.

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Sony sorting GOW Trilogy availability

Three-game bundle here on 30th April.

Sony's God of War Trilogy will be released on 30th April, and the publisher's told Eurogamer that retail partners for the three-game bundle are being worked out now.

Sony unveils God of War Collection

Sony unveils God of War Collection

PS2 games on Blu-ray with Trophies in 720p.

Sony has announced God of War Collection for PlayStation 3 - a single Blu-ray disc home to 720p versions of God of War.

Due out "this holiday season" (Christmas in old money), the revamped PS2 games also benefit from unlockable Trophies.

According to the US PlayStation blog, God of War Collection will cost $39.99 over there.

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Microsoft to "break the bank" at E3

Near and far 360 games to be shown.

Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer may "break the bank" at E3 next year by talking about Xbox 360 titles further than five or six months away.

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OPM to remove dead goat pics

God of War II event controversy.

Future Publishing has confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz that images branded as "depraved" by the Mail on Sunday will be removed from 80,000 copies of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

God of War II

God of War II

One for the unbelievers.

How do you top one of the best games ever made? Do you churn out more of the same as quickly as possible and cash in while the demand's there, or do you go through a drawn-out process of reinvention that keeps the series fresh? As a selfish, selfish sonofabitch gamer, you always want a bit of both. Always. You want a quickfire sequel to sate your appetite, but you certainly don't want the creativity to evaporate as sweatshop development cycles turn the 'brand' into a depressingly formulaic cash cow. (Hello, Tomb Raider Chronicles.)

Given that the original God of War was near-as-dammit the best-looking game ever made on the PS2, you could have forgiven Sony's uber-talented Santa Monica team for hopping straight on to the PS3 for the sequel. That is, after all, what most teams would have done (and have done) in a similar situation.

A lot of game development is one giant pissing contest, where stretching a mature platform to its technical limits sees teams racing to get an early advantage as soon as new hardware becomes available. But the God of War team had other ideas, perhaps mindful of the nightmare learning curve that comes with working with unfinished hardware and tools. Refreshingly, they've spotted yet more unfulfilled potential inside the perennially underestimated PlayStation 2 and, incredibly, bettered everything that made the 2005 original such a monumentally compelling prospect.

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God of War II

Hands-on with the brand new demo.

Prepare the testosterone injections! Apply the baby oil! Shave your head! Get a tattoo! Hammer the triangle button! Kratos is back!

God of War II trailer

God of War II trailer

Old bald-and-angry's back.

Pop your head round Eurogamer TV's door this morning and you'll find none other than a new God of War II trailer to air-punch along to.

In it we see Kratos kick all kinds of stool from his gargantuan enemies in an effort to change his slightly barbaric fate, by using a whole new set of moves and powers.

Cory Barlog, director for GoW II, has recently been splashing words about the game on his blog, which sounds a lot like our job. BACK OFF, CORY. He reckons all of the primary work is now done, and expects a demo to be pressed in February.

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God of War 2 demo plans

But not for Europe.

God of War 2 director Cory Barlog says the game's nearly finished and what's more there will be a demo version soon.

Jaffe expects more God of War

But loves doing PS3 e-Dist.

Developer David Jaffe admits he'll probably end up working on more God of War games after the first one proved so popular, but right now he's falling in love with Sony's "e-Distribution Initiative" (EDI) - PlayStation 3's answer to Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo's Virtual Console.

GoW creator says he's fed up

With making action adventures.

God of War creator David Jaffe has declared that while he still enjoys playing action adventure games these days, he's right fed up of making the things.

God of War II

Pray for mercy.

While everyone at E3 was busy Wiiing themselves with excitement on the most crowded stand in the history of the show, or pooh-poohing the PS3 line up along side it, most people seemed to neglect the presence of all the exciting "last gen" (can we say that yet?) stuff. It always works like this, of course, but God of War II was easily Sony's most impressive title; arguably it was one of the games of the show, yet few people seemed to care. It's tough work being an all powerful, head chopping deity with blades attached to your wrists when everyone else is running around in high def.

PAL God of War II in Q1 2007

Echo echo echo echo.

Sony's officially officially officially announced that God of War II will be out on PlayStation 2 in Q1 2007 - and that's in PAL regions, not just in America.

God of War 2 for PS2

First we've heard of it!

Sony's working on a second God of War game for PlayStation 2 according to an article in US magazine Game Informer. We are amazingly surprised and shocked to discover this!