God of War

Despite eye-catching changes, the heart of this series remains gloriously unaltered.


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Video game worlds are facades, and sometimes we catch a glimpse of what's beyond. Recently, while exploring one of the intricate levels of Dusk, I somehow managed to slip through the cracks and found myself on the other side of the invisible partition that upholds the illusion of coherent space. I'd entered a world of broken, gravity-defying architecture, and there in the middle of the level had opened a pit that revealed a vast grey void beneath my feet. Close by, there was an exasperated message on the ground: "YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE, GO AWAY."

There's something incredibly magical about the latest God of War. Kratos's world feels like a rich tapestry woven from various strands of ancient mythologies; a complex re-imagining of stories and history that has resulted in the creation of a mysterious Nordic world. This sort of depth can only be achieved through careful research and design, and Santa Monica has (rightly) received a great deal of attention for its clever use of mythology to write the game's lore.

God of War is getting a New Game+ mode

Coming "at a later date".

Sony has revealed, during its PlayStation E3 showcase, that God of War will be getting a New Game+ mode in a future update - as apparently requested by many fans.

God of War sales flatten Nintendo Labo's debut

PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War remains in the UK chart top spot again this week, despite the debut of two Nintendo Labo packs.

Labo, Nintendo Switch's new papercraft accessory system, landed in third place behind God of War and Far Cry 5 for its main £60 Variety Kit, and in 20th place for its £70 robot kit.

It's hard to judge how well Labo has done in comparison to expectations. It's an expensive kit (much of which will be taken up by the cost of the physical Switch game cartridge) but the range feels like one designed to sell continuously over time (and especially over Christmas). For something intended to have a slow sales burn, then, it is off to a decent start.

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Upcoming PS4 exclusives God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man currently unavailable to pre-order from Amazon

UPDATE 20/4/18: God of War launches today and is now available to buy from Amazon, despite the retailer closing pre-orders for the game earlier this week.

Other upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives like Detroit and Spider-Man remain unavailable to pre-order, with no explanation given.

Whatever the beef is with PlayStation and Amazon, it appears to relate to the pre-ordering of games only. Happily, we haven't heard any reports that pre-orders sent in before Amazon shut them down were not received as expected.

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I have no idea what the best Hitchcock is. I suspect it's probably Shadow of a Doubt. It was his favourite, so you'd think he would know, and it's got that glorious, time-freezing moment when Uncle Charlie turns to address you, mid-speech, eyes meeting across the ages and you feel somehow caught, somehow complicit - you feel the way, I gather, that Hitchcock felt his entire life.

Digital FoundryGod of War is another tech powerhouse for PS4

Spectacular work from Santa Monica Studio.

God of War returns with a fresh vision for the series, powered by brand new technology from one of the best developers in the business. Santa Monica Studio has always been known for pushing the technological envelope and this new game is no exception. However, more than that, it's clear that the studio has been granted the budget and time to fully realise its ambitious vision - key ingredients in delivering a quality product. From the smallest of incidental environment details to the most towering of beasts, God of War elevates real-time visuals to new heights while pushing the PlayStation hardware to its limits.

God of War review: astonishing technological craft in the service of simple pleasures

Remove the heart. Climb on the chest, feet slapping against sinew and skin. The ruined flesh beneath shudders but holds. The first incision. One to pierce the surface. The second to part the ribs with a brisk crack. The heart is in there, but it's well connected. Reach deep. Pull. Remove the heart. Pull.

God of War

Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studio

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Digital FoundryGod of War is PS4's next big tech showcase

Digital Foundry checks out a new slice of PS4 Pro action.

A studio with a remarkable heritage for technical excellence, Sony Santa Monica is closing in on completion of its latest God of War and this past week, we've finally had the opportunity to see more of the game in action via PlayStation 4 Pro's pristine 4K video output. Right away, it's clear that what's on display here is extremely promising. God of War should comfortably stand alongside the likes of Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn when it comes to the quality of its technology.

Kratos is still angry. If you're concerned about how much has changed in Sony Santa Monica's reboot of the God of War series, it's worth knowing this; in two hours playing the game, what's remarkable is how much has stayed the same. There's the same pent up rage, unleashed in pliable combat as enemies are juggled in the air and then pulled furiously apart, the same cinematic showdowns that dazzle with their panache. The same spectacle, and the same sense that the host hardware is being pushed to its very limit. It's a God of War game alright, in that it's hard to think of any better showcase for what's possible with Sony's console.

Sony unveils God of War limited edition custom PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony has revealed that a new God of War themed custom PS4 Pro will be launching on April 20th, the same day that Kratos' makes his highly anticipated return on the console.

As is usually the case with Sony's custom PlayStation 4 efforts, it's probably fair to say that the bold, limited edition design won't be to everyone's taste - but your mileage may vary:

Sony is calling the design "Leviathan Grey", and it's apparently inspired by Kratos' in-game axe. A purchase will get you the custom 1TB PS4 Pro console itself, alongside a matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and a physical copy of the God of War Day One Edition.

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Watching the new God of War trailer during E3 this week, I suddenly found myself very much looking foward to God of War. From the Norse mythology to the enemy design, there's a lot to like about Sony's upcoming slasher / dad sim.

Art allegedly from Sony Santa Monica's cancelled sci-fi PS4 IP emerges

Art allegedly from Sony Santa Monica's cancelled sci-fi PS4 IP emerges

Explore alien worlds where humanoids ride bareback on a kind of unicorn.

In 2014, God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffered layoffs when a new PS4 IP it was working on was cancelled following years of work. The game was rumoured to be sci-fi-themed but largely remained a mystery.

Now, however, thanks to a gallery of concept art allegedly from the cancelled project, we have a better idea of what the game was about. The images show an idea not a million miles away from James Cameron's Avatar film(s). A gadget-laden human species explores an alien world where fantastical beast roam land and sea. There's a mysterious humanoid species too, riding bareback on hulking unicorn-like beast, brandishing spears. Clearly there's a kind of magic in the air.

The pictures belong to the leader of the concept art team who worked on the project for nearly three years. They were found on the person's personal website by nerdleaks but have since been removed from what I can see. The pictures are, however, preserved on Imgur.

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Watch Sony's fancy pants PS4 advert

And hunt for video game references.

John Lewis and M&S eat your hearts out. Sony's released a fancy new PlayStation 4 advert just in time for Christmas - and it's packed with video game references.

VideoWatch: Six strange moments from E3 2016

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

E3 week is always a hectic affair. Typically speaking nobody has had enough sleep, everyone's had far too much caffeine and there's never not a huge stack of things on which to report. Small wonder, then, that it often takes for the show itself to close before we get the chance to reflect and realise just how weird E3 actually is.

The God of War we saw unveiled at Sony's press conference was an unfamiliar one. Kratos is back, but he's now got himself a son and a massive beard. There's a new camera angle to consider and a story that might have something to say about fatherhood. And then there's the setting!

Sony announces God of War reboot

Sony announces God of War reboot

Featuring Kratos with a larger beard and possible son.

Sony revealed an all new God of War game. It's called (wait for it)... God of War.

Kicking off Sony's E3 2016 press conference, the publisher rolled the following footage showing series stalwart Kratos taking care of a young boy in the wilderness.

Kratos looks a bit older than we remember. Plus he's changed his facial hair from a goatee to a full beard.

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Piranha 3DD writers discuss God of War film plans

And why they're updating Road to Perdition writer's original script.

You may not have heard of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton - the new writers of the long-awaited God of War movie - but you've probably heard of some their films.

God of War Master Collection sighted

PS2, PS3 and PSP games in one pack.

God of War Master Collection will bundle all the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP games in Sony's action series into a single release, according to a listing on Amazon Germany.

Sony sorting GOW Trilogy availability

Three-game bundle here on 30th April.

Sony's God of War Trilogy will be released on 30th April, and the publisher's told Eurogamer that retail partners for the three-game bundle are being worked out now.

Sony unveils God of War Collection

Sony unveils God of War Collection

PS2 games on Blu-ray with Trophies in 720p.

Sony has announced God of War Collection for PlayStation 3 - a single Blu-ray disc home to 720p versions of God of War.

Due out "this holiday season" (Christmas in old money), the revamped PS2 games also benefit from unlockable Trophies.

According to the US PlayStation blog, God of War Collection will cost $39.99 over there.

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GoW creator says he's fed up

With making action adventures.

God of War creator David Jaffe has declared that while he still enjoys playing action adventure games these days, he's right fed up of making the things.

FeatureTop 50 Reaction: God of War

David Jaffe hasn't played it since, but he recalls making it.

In many people's eyes, Nintendo won 2005 in terms of the really, actually "new" games. But even so, Sony America's God of War was the highest-ranked original game in your Top 50, and number two overall. We couldn't find much to put ahead of it either, and there was a lot of internal debate about its position. In an early draft of our Top 50, God of War was actually behind a couple of games it wound up in front of when all the votes were counted, prompting Kieron - who experienced it in full when he was trying to put Spartan: Total Warrior in context - to bombard us with invective most of which centred on our diminished manhood.

God of War dev speaks out

About his new PSP game.

Sony's David Jaffe, game director and lead designer on excellent PS2 title God of War, has revealed that his forthcoming PSP game is going to be less about what he personally wants to see and more about reaching a larger audience.

God of War goes to Hollywood

Movie on way via Universal.

Universal Pictures has bought the rights to create a film adaptation of Sony Computer Entertainment's critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 action-adventure, God of War, according to trade Variety magazine.

GoW dev's blog reveals all

Jaffe working on PSP title.

David Jaffe, creator of top PS2 action adventure God of War, has confirmed that he's currently working on a new game for PSP.


The God Of War team speaks.

You might have guessed by now that we liked God Of War. A lot. For want of better superlatives, it's simply a great game. A classic game that's near enough the best PS2 action adventure of all time, and is therefore something you should buy as our review goes to some length to point out.

God Of War

God Of War

Mein Gott!

Europe could be just about to let one the greatest PS2 titles ever made pass it by, and not for the first time. Yet again, some inexplicable political skulduggery has ensured that yet another outstanding Sony America-developed title will be released by Sony Europe without the required pre-awareness and sufficiently beefy marketing clout, almost guaranteeing a tragic underperformance of a truly stunning game.

But there remains hope. Having already been released in US to universal critical acclaim back in March, the groundswell of admirers behind God Of War's irresistible action-adventure charms almost guarantees that it'll be one of the few titles to break through over here from word of mouth - providing enough copies make it onto the shelves, of course.

Under the influence

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FeatureGod of War

Kill Medusa, minotaurs and others as Dante journeys to Ancient Greece.

At a press briefing in the US last week, Sony Computer Entertainment America unveiled one of its upcoming first-party titles, God of War, which is undergoing development at the platform holder's Santa Monica studio (following roughly two years' work at its Southern Californian studio under the direction of David Jaffe - he of Twisted Metal fame - who also led the presentation).