Glory of the Roman Empire

Glory of the Roman Empire

Glory of the Roman Empire

Caesar pleaser?

I'd be as pleased as Punch if my three-year-old son Randolph grew up to be a games designer. To help him on his way I'm already employing a special Hungarian education technique called Realignment Through Play (RTP). It works like this: let's say he's playing with his Lego and builds a neat little model of our house or our car; on such occasions I reward him with affection and words of praise. If, on the other hand, he brings me a model of a huge blue horse drinking from a volcano, or a peacock with rockets instead of feathers, I smash it to bits in front of him and rage until he blubs.

I know it sounds cruel, but really it isn't. By teaching him to suppress his imagination and mimic the objects he sees around him, I'm equipping him with exactly the kind of mindset he'll eventually need to get ahead in mainstream game design. With luck one day he'll be making products as fresh, iconoclastic, and crammed with surprises as Glory of the Roman Empire.

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