Global Conflicts: Palestine

Global Conflicts: Palestine

Global Conflicts: Palestine

If it bleeds, it leads.

You can keep your demon-lords, your sinister schoolgirls, and your tentacled Cthulhoid abominations. None of them are half as chilling as a 15-year-old Palestinian lad with an unhealthy interest in martyr cards ("They are like your Pokemon trading cards"), Paradise, and Israeli café culture.

Nabil is one of the many uncomfortably real people you meet while playing this thought-provoking journalism RPG. Where Peacemaker had you sorting out the mess in the Middle East as either the Israeli or Palestinian premier, GC: Palestine has you reporting on it as a humble news-hound. Guide a jogging journo around a stylised Jerusalem/West Bank, seek out folk with stories to tell, harvest their words with the help of the 'Quote' button, then run home to construct a high-scoring article - it's simple.

Except it isn't.

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