Glitch MMO 

Glitch MMO "unlaunched"

Quirky title goes back to beta for more work.

Glitch, the eccentric MMO featuring input from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, has been "unlaunched" two months after it first went live.

A post on the game's official site today by Stewart Butterfield of developer Tiny Speck explained that the team need to make major changes to ensure the title's long-term success and have pulled it back into beta.

"There are two obvious and huge improvements we need to make: the first is to make the early game reveal itself more easily to new players so they can get into the fun faster," wrote Butterfield.

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The first few hours dissected.

'Zille-O-Ween Fashion Show!!', 'Best Animal Name Screenshot Thread!' and 'Cheese nerfed?' You can learn quite a bit about an MMO just by scanning the user forums. And what you learn about Glitch is that, although it hasn't been running for very long at all, it's already gathered a devoted and distinctly pleasant kind of audience.

Katamari creator resurfaces with Glitch

Eccentric MMO launches today.

Glitch, a cute free-to-play browser MMO from a team that includes Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi among its ranks, launches today, developer Tiny Speck has announced.