Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad


"Ghoooost Squaard" intones the intro to AM2's light-gun shooter, like some quirky old Norfolk boy, inviting us to shoot members of the dismal Norwich City team for its failure to beat League One lightweights Bury in the FA Cup. Still, there's always mid-table mediocrity to play for, eh lads?

Moving onto more serious (and, ahem, relevant) matters, Ghost Squad is one of those delightfully old-fashioned first-person on-rails arcade shooters that has belatedly been fashioned into a Wii Zapper-compatible home version. Having realised what a perfect platform the Wii is for all these old point-and-shoot titles, SEGA is busily porting several of them to celebrate that fact. And as well it might, because in terms of precision and accuracy, light-gun-style games on the Wii feel absolutely spot on, as we found out recently with Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - with or without the plastic housing of the Wii Zapper.

Ghost Squad hinges around the premise of a United States platoon of specialised soldiers which "leave no trace". Uhuh. What, apart from the dozens of dead bodies and the smashed up furniture they leave in their wake? Who would ever know?

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Ghost Squad

Casper tango bravo alpha.

Light gun shooters haven't always been popular at home, and not just because pointing the gun off-screen to reload sometimes incurs collateral damage ("why is my plant pot in the fire"). Instead it's the old dichotomy of arcade and home - what's brilliantly brief in amongst the slots is bewilderingly insubstantial when your receipt says 39.99.

Ghost Squad heading to Wii

Lightgun shooter from SEGA AM2.

SEGA has revealed that its AM2 division is hard at work porting 2004 arcade lightgun title Ghost Squad to Wii. It's due for release around here in early 2008, the publisher said overnight.