Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Beautiful yet callous, Wildlands is a serviceable open worlder with strong co-op that doesn't quite put the Ghosts back on the map.


Ubisoft teases a return for Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Wildlands

"Langley has sprung a leak, and they need us to stick our thumb in it".

Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting loot crates

Will have "zero impact on gameplay and player's progression".

Ghost Recon: Wildlands bests Zelda in US sales for March

Mass Effect Andromeda sales are the second-best in the series.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands biggest launch of the year so far

While Horizon, Zelda continue to sell strongly.

Ghost Recon Wildlands feels remarkably tame

Has Ubisoft's open world killing streak finally run out of steam?