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Game of Thrones Preview: A Mummer's Farce?

FeatureGame of Thrones Preview: A Mummer's Farce?

Cyanide's action RPG takes a roll of the dice.

Game of Thrones is a big licence, and without wanting to be unfair to Cyanide, it's been matched with a developer whose stature doesn't quite match up. They're a patchy bunch at best, this French outfit; a handful of years back they delivered a competent if uninspired update of Blood Bowl, and recently they've focused firmly on simulating professional cycling.

While that world is at times full of deceit, double-crossing and dark politics, any comparisons with the mature backdrop of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones stop there. It's the kind of fantasy universe you'd imagine CD Projekt, already a purveyor of naughty worlds and nipples in a time of sword and stone, could revel in. Cyanide - whose one other dalliance with the fantasy genre came with the instantly forgettable Loki - though? Not so much.

But Game of Thrones, the developers' second attempt at the licence after last year's well-meaning but ultimately flawed real-time strategy game, sees them trying, and trying very hard indeed. Work's been going on with this action RPG for over three years, starting well before HBO's adaptation turned Martin's series into a broader cultural phenomenon.

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