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Fuse review

Fuse review


I wish Fuse was worse. Obviously, I'd prefer if it was better, but after playing through its six-mission story campaign and various co-op survival matches, I suspect that was never going to happen. This is a game of small ideas and low ambition, and that's rarely fertile soil for a good game.

So, instead, I found myself wishing the game could at least be genuinely bad. There's always something to say about a bad game, some story or insight that can be teased out of its missteps and mistakes. Games like Fuse, on the other hand, are simply there - inoffensive, unmemorable and devoid of purpose. The review word count yawns ahead of me, dependent on a game about which there is virtually nothing of interest to say.

The basics then, since that's all Fuse ever really musters. We're in third-person co-op shooter territory. Press a button to snap to cover. Pop out with the left trigger, shoot at the faceless bad guys with the right. Repeat until the game runs out of enemies, then trawl the area for the handful of trinkets that are inevitably hiding in the corners. Bonus XP. In-game currency. Text and audio logs. You know the drill. You've done this dozens of times before.

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