FPS Creator

First-Person Shooter Creator

First-Person Shooter Creator

Move over, Valve. Eurogamer, taking ovvvvahhh.

There's a moment in most serious gamers' lives. They find themselves looking at a game in disgust and thinking, "Christ - it can't be that hard". And then, later, they find themselves looking at an enormous manual of some kind and thinking, "Christ - does it have to be that hard?". And it's the evolutionary niche between those two urges that creation-systems like this one colonise.

FPS Creator belongs to the long history of user-friendly tools aimed primarily at the dabbler in the audience. That is, simplify it as much as possible, while still leaving enough room for player-expression. From Sensible's legendary 1988 Shoot-'em-up-Construction Kit onwards, we've seen game-makers emerge allowing the creation of games that are best described as having brought more pleasure to the creator than anyone who played them [What about text adventure creator The Quill? - Ed]. Which is only fair - they're the ones who paid for the box.

So: The First-Person Shooter Creator. It lets you create first-person shooters. Is it any good?

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