Fossil League

Fossil League

Fossil League

Bury it.

If you asked my eight-year-old self what he thought about dinosaurs, he would have told you that they were brilliant. Hell, they still are. But in that primary school time of your life they take up a special significance. How can any schoolkid not admire their commanding majesty, their imposing mass, and the time that T-Rex pulled the guy off the toilet in Jurassic Park? They were educational and fantastical all at once. A history lesson from the edge of time played out in your childish imagination as much as it did in books, toys, films and museums. Is it any wonder at all that they played as significant a role in my childhood obsessions as Pokémon did to those in the next generation.

Well, fancy that. Here we are full circle. Fossil League is, to all intents and purposes, Pokémon dismantled into to its constituent parts and rebuilt with our prehistoric pals. A turn-based catch 'em all battle with an RPG story thrown in for good measure.

It's a clone, yet one with a suitably silly plot to justify its premise. After inventing time travel, humanity decides that the best thing to do with this power is to stick two fingers up to creationism and pop back a few million years to make dinosaurs fight each other. Having just turned twelve you're now eligible for a license to participate in this cruel spectacle and a chance to win the ultimate dino-fighting tournament. There's no horrific rending of flesh as claws rip and tear in your quest for glory, however. Instead you become embroiled in a blood-free mission to rescue seven fossil pieces from several prehistoric time zones before the evil Syndicate X wipe out all of humanity.

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