Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport 2 is to get its own four-part "live action mini series" on U.S. channel SPEED TV later this month, it has emerged.

Win a car in Forza

A real one! (Well, a Fiat.)

Microsoft has announced a cunning competition to give away a real car to somebody who's good enough at Forza Motorsport to make everyone else PAY BIG. What's more, the compo's got a snappy name that can be used to rewrite a popular saying. As in: two's company, three's a crowd... Forza Challenge! [And a P42 is on its way to you. - Ed]

Murder some DJs on Forza

Paul Oakenfold and Seb Fontaine.

Microsoft is giving you the chance to play against 'superstar DJs' Paul Oakenfold and Seb Fontaine on Forza Motorsport for a special Xbox Live event.

Forza leaderboards go online

More than 1400 of them.

It's been just two months since Xbox racer Forza Motorsport roared into stores and since then no less than 700,000 copies have been sold - and deservedly so, we reckon, since it scored no less than 9/10 in our review.

Forza on three screens!

Turn your lounge into an arcade.

Fans of Xbox racer Forza Motorsport and them games you get in arcades with three tellies will be pleased to hear that the game has a hidden feature, called Network Cockpit, which allows you to recreate the experience at home.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport

Microsoft's GT pretender toes the racing line immaculately.

There's no getting away from the fact that Forza is a sublime achievement. However tired of driving games you might be, Forza is brimming with an infectious freshness that makes it damned near impossible to tear yourself away from. In many ways Forza is Microsoft's finest achievement on Xbox.

The key to Forza's success is its instant accessibility. It manages to be both in-depth and indulgent without ever daunting the novice. It's incredibly well thought out, from top to bottom, hiding away oceanic layers of depth with a consistent, arcade-like reward system that almost never leaves players feeling frustrated or embattled with learning curve spikes and niggling issues. It offers a huge challenge but never rams it down your throat, offering multiple solutions to the same problem - challenges that are simultaneously intuitive to second-guess, yet satisfying to resolve.

Thanks to some immensely intelligent design at its core, Forza is one of the few driving sims that's likely to appeal to the broadest possible spectrum of gamers. Whether it's the quick thrill casual gamer who just wants to screech around a familiar circuit in a high powered monster or the uber hardcore nutters thirsting to tweak every nut and bolt in the pursuit of the ultimate ride, Forza ticks all the right boxes pretty much all of the time.

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