Forza Motorsport 4 Features

'Something for everyone' is an overused term, but in a bulging, eclectic and hugely enjoyable sack of new releases this week, it really does apply: from sports fan to toddler, retro enthusiast to party girl. And all without a single first-person shooter in sight. Well done, games industry.

FeatureUnder the Hood of Forza 4

Turn 10 chief Dan Greenawalt on Gran Turismo, weather effects and power.

Xbox 360 exclusive racing game Forza 4 is finished, and Turn 10 chief Dan Greenawalt can think about seeing his family again. Tomorrow he flies home after a gruelling European press tour and countless demos of Microsoft's answer to Sony's Gran Turismo series.

FeatureMicrosoft's Chris Lewis

Xbox 360, the competition, XBLA and the next-gen.

While Sony strutted its stuff at Gamescom through the power of a press conference, Microsoft walked a more modest path with a Play Day event, with hands-on opportunities of a raft of Xbox 360 exclusive games including Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Gears of War 3 and Forza 4.

It's Forza Motorsport 4's official E3 party, and between a coterie of automotive exotica - a Gumpert Apollo rubs shoulders with an Aston Martin LMP1, while a Koenigsegg CCX sits shyly in the corner - Rampage Jackson is grinding to a set by Mixmaster Mike.