Ford Street Racing: LA Duel

Ford Street Racing: LA Duel

Ford Street Racing: LA Duel

Escort service.

In making the leap from joypad to handheld, the perennially unremarkable Ford Racing series finally has something to crow about - it's one of the few games to actually expand during the transition, rather than being crudely chopped down to size. That's not to say that the flaws apparent in the most recent console edition (which I also had the honour of reviewing) aren't still present and incorrect but, for what it's worth, if you were ever tempted to give the series a spin, this would probably be the best version to try.

Exclusive to this version are six new Ford cars, bumping the garage roster up to a respectable 24 vehicles, while seven new tracks have also been included, making for 37 in total. Despite this generosity, the game itself is pretty much the same as the PS2 version from earlier this year, which makes it very tempting to just cut and paste huge chunks of that review. That would be devastatingly cheeky, of course, so I'm forced to say the same thing using different words.

With its not bad graphics, passable track design and acceptable handling, the core problem which has blighted Ford Racing since its debut remains intact: it's not exciting. It is the most middle of the road racer around. Never so bad that you throw up your hands in despair, never so good that you feel compelled to keep playing. It's simply... there. Functional. Practical. As dull as digestive biscuits, dunked in weak tea.

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