Forbidden Island

App of the Day: Forbidden Island

App of the Day: Forbidden Island

But we're going anyway.

Forbidden Island is a co-operative game for up to four players, based around a treasure-filled island which is constantly sinking. The team's job is to bag all four of these treasures and then make it to Fool's Landing, a helipad, to escape. There shall be no-one left behind, either. Everyone wins, or everyone loses.

The way it works is simple, but the construction is ingenious, which is why it's not so great when you have to do everything manually. The island is a grid of squares, each of which is a location - and each time you play, although the shape of the island remains the same, the locations are randomised, which includes the treasure troves and Fool's Landing.

On each player's turn they can make three moves. Moving up, down, left or right one square is a move, as is sandbagging a sinking portion of the island, as is swapping a treasure card with another player, as is bagging a treasure. After each player's move they draw two cards - there are four types of colour-coded treasure card, plus bonus sandbags and helicopters.

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