Football Manager 2017

By focusing on its match engine, FM17 presents an impressive step forward for the series.

Key events

Watford FC use Football Manager to announce signing of new striker

Watford Football Club used Football Manager to announce the signing of a new striker.

Yesterday Watford, which is sponsored by Football Manager, tweeted a short video showing footage of Football Manager 2017.

A game is loaded, and the video announces a new player is set to sign for Watford. It zips around the player's stats and nationality, teasing which player the tweet might be about.

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It's a Thursday evening in Kentish Town and the upstairs function room at The Grafton pub is absolutely heaving. In front of me, a crowd of men, each with their arms folded, are peering intently at a projector - tutting, cheering and grumbling at the proceedings on the screen.

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Football Manager 2017 review

There's an unwritten agreement between you, the player, and Sports Interactive that sits at the heart of every Football Manager. The manager agrees to invest completely in the game world, both in terms of time and emotional energy. No save-quitting, no adding dummy managers, no downloadable "cheat" tactics. SI, meanwhile, agrees to create the most robust and realistic match engine possible, ensuring that this investment never feels wasted. When the agreement works, it's a beautiful relationship - creating gaming experiences of unrivalled richness and depth. When one party welches on the deal, however, this arrangement can turn sour very quickly.

Football Manager 2017

Publisher: Sega

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The Football Manager series has been trashed on Steam by a wave of angry Chinese fans who wanted an official translation of the game. They also harassed Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson on Twitter, and he said he'd received a death threat to his family.

Football Manager 2017 release date announced

Football Manager 2017 comes out on Friday, 4th November 2016.

There are two versions, both out on the same day: Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017.

Those who buy Football Manager 2017 on PC, Mac or Linux get a free copy of Football Manager Touch 2017, the latter of which is the "streamlined, transfers and tactics" version of the football management sim. Touch is also available standalone that day.

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