Football Manager 2009

Key events

11th December 2008

LBP costumes lead PSN update

10th November 2008

Football Manager 2009

LBP costumes lead PSN update

LBP costumes lead PSN update

Festive cupboards filled with goods.

Sony has restocked the PlayStation Store cupboards to include a free Santa outfit for LittleBigPlanet. Ho ho ho.

The same game also hails the arrival of four Street Fighter-themed costumes, featuring togs worn by Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and Zangief. These are GBP 1.59 a pop, or all four for GBP 4.79.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - Revenge of the Plague Lord is up for grabs at GBP 15.99. And full games NBA Live '09 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 can be downloaded for GBP 29.99 and GBP 31.99, respectively.

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DRM still causing FM 2009 headaches

Authentication problems persist.

SEGA and Sports Interactive have said Football Manager 2009 still suffers from authentication problems, most of which are the result of new PC DRM software.

FM 2009 "has a chance" at Christmas No.1

Jacobson talks up WOW rivalry.

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson reckons Football Manager 2009 is in with a shot at the UK Christmas number one slot after entering the UK All-Formats list at three this week behind record-breaker and festive rival World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

SEGA apologises for FM 2009 problems

Solution to key activation hiccup soon.

SEGA has said sorry to people having trouble activating Football Manager 2009 keys online, and is "confident that the issue will be solved today".

Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday

Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday

SI starts tackling score-dropping bugs.

Sports Interactive has told Eurogamer to expect a patch for Football Manger 2009 on Friday, alongisde the European launch of the game.

The update will address various compatibility issues people are having with graphics cards and the 3D match engine, as well as tweak long-term injuries and the typing sensitivity in-game.

There are many more fixes besides, and a full list will be plastered over the official Football Manager 2009 website on Friday.

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Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009

Champion elect or season of transition?

The Football Manager series enters yet another season, and this year, expectations are higher than ever. Strength in depth has been added with around 80 new features, hype has been spread in a promising pre-season and a new superstar performer - a 3D match engine - has transformed the look of the series. But has Football Manager 2009's squad of old and new had enough time to gel in order to create yet another championship-winning combination? [And why aren't there any Liverpool references in this intro? I was quite specific. - Ed]

Revolutionary leaps are always tricky transitions for any series. On one hand they bring about much-needed progress, on the other they throw up a number of new challenges. Cast your mind back to the release of Championship Manager 4, when the new 2D match engine was greeted with a mix of triumphant cheers and disgruntled groans caused by copious bugs that marred the new match-day experience. In many ways, Football Manager 2009 is just like its venerated predecessor.

Of the eighty-or-so new additions, by far the most groundbreaking is the 3D match engine, without a doubt the finest new feature any FM game has ever possessed. It's striking just how much added excitement and immersion the extra dimension provides, with matches transformed from entertaining tactical battles between top-down spheres to genuinely lifelike battles between human-looking players. Further heightening immersion is the full-screen depiction of the action, which can be viewed from several diverse camera angles. Thanks to some fairly lifelike animations, you almost feel as though you're watching a real game, with the action perfectly complemented by an array of optional match information widgets.

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FeatureFootball Manager 2009

The next dimension?

First there was text commentary. Then a top-down 2D engine. Now, finally, after years of patient waiting, Football Manager's match engine is entering the third dimension on PC and Mac. Utilising motion capture footage borrowed from SEGA Japan's Virtua Striker, Football Manager 2009 is promising to deliver the visual realism that its stunningly detailed match engine so richly deserves.