Food Run

Food Run review

Food Run review


There comes a point when you wonder just how many platform games are left to play. And how much have platformers got left to give in the genre's fourth decade of existence? Such thoughts occur to an habitual browser of the iOS store, with its cornucopia of buttons-on-screen banality. Then a game like Food Run comes along and such chin-stroking is instantly forgotten, replaced by a simple and timeless joy in motion. Remember that?

Developer Kevin Ng may not be a household name yet, but his Flick Kick Football dominated pub conversations on release - a pure gem. It might seem strange to move from such a bespoke use of touchscreen controls to the platform genre, but Food Run does so while taking a massive risk: it automates everything but the jumps, and then builds the levels around increasingly subtle use of them.

You control an egg to start off with, one that is somehow more charming for its lack of a face. The production values throughout Food Run are immense, and its art style and animations bring its kooky, colourful cast of food objects alive; at the start of each stage the egg gees itself up with a little leg backwards, before setting off with a whoop of excitement. This alone raises a smile, before the outstanding circus tunes kick in and give each journey an irresistibly bouncy backdrop. Perhaps the best thing about Food Run's look and sound, however, is that it's so far removed from all the mass of pixelwork and cute animals on iOS.

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