Fluxx review

Fluxx review

Doesn't play by the rules.

Fluxx is a game about rules - making, breaking and ultimately winning with them. It's a tricksy thing, a party game with a dash of the parlour that runs on luck but is decided by skill. Who plays what, and when, acquires a new importance when anyone can change the rules afterwards.

Originally a physical card game, Fluxx has been brought to iOS by Playdek. This publisher has a truly stellar back catalogue of iOS card games, including the likes of Ascension and Food Fight, and Fluxx is another high-quality production. The cards' designs are bright and colourful and the game automatically zooms in on any text when a card is played for a lingering moment before putting it into effect. This is important because, as the name suggests, Fluxx is all about reacting to new situations.

The game's played by two to four players (this version supports a single player versus AI, as well as pass-and-play offline multiplayer and asynchronous online games). Each player starts with three cards, and the deck of 100 is divided into types: New Rules, Actions, Keepers and Goals. The rule cards are how you set the pace of a game, impacting everyone until removed or superseded - and hopefully changing things up to suit your standing while messing around with the others.

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