Geek Purgatory

Trapped in an all-night manga cafe with Japanese MMOs.

About six days after arriving in Japan, I found myself in Tokyo in the company of a suddenly homeless friend. Stuck without anywhere to stay, we ended up doing something many foreigners find themselves doing in a state of desperation when they don't have enough money for a hotel, and checked into an all-night manga cafe. Imagine rows of miniature computer booths, just slightly too small for the average Western frame, all lined-up side by side, their sleep-deprived, hunched-up inhabitants bathed in the same harsh, fluorescent glare of white strip-lighting at any time of day or night.


Not rocking the boat.

I'm not sure how I ended up in this position, hammering the D key on my computer in a desperate attempt to keep my ship's starboard cannons turned towards a giant crab attacking me from the rear. I can’t help wondering: if I had shelled out more money for a better crew, would I have even found myself in this predicament? When I started Florensia, this certainly wasn't what I was expecting.