Flight Simulation

Flight Simulation

Flight Simulation

Simulation Nation.

When released back in 1983, Flight Simulation flew (pun intended) off the shop shelves selling more than 130,000 copies to would be Spectrum pilots that fancied a trip into Britain’s cloud infested sky.

The titles author, Charles Davies, gave interviews to popular magazines of the time boasting of his title's authenticity and its ability to accurately teach gamers a thing or two about flying an actual plane. A great deal of complex mathematical equations later and what we actually have is a representative cockpit full of moving dials and multicoloured buttons accompanied by a blob of blue representing the sky and a splodge of darker blue representing the land underneath. Even the effect of wind has been simulated with stirring effect.

Moving the plane left or right shifts the angle of the horizon accordingly whilst moving the plane up or down increases the amount of blue or light blue visible to the joystick waggling pilot. It's wonderful, realistic stuff.

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