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Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

UFO! Spirit! Abduction! Finger! Blob!

The best thing about the mobile gaming scene right now is never quite being sure of what to expect. With no budget for big marketing campaigns (or even PRs to alert us to their existence, most of the time), some of the very best games turn up fully formed, unannounced, unheralded.

Working out whether a game is even good enough to bother looking at becomes something of a dark art, where you're forced to judge based on the name, the quality of the icon and, eventually, the screenshots. Once you've gone as far as that, you might even bother to read the developer's description, and see what the public at large think of it.

And yet some developers don't seem to have the first clue of how to sell their own product, with tiny descriptions, often useless screenshots (that don't even present the game in its best light) and a website link that tells you even less, or doesn't give you a means of contacting them for coverage.

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