Final Fight: Streetwise

Final Fight: Streetwise

Final Fight: Streetwise

Cardboard city.

This remake of the arcade classic is about as streetwise as a politician in a baseball cap. And not a Roc-a-wear one either, but an elasticated cap he got free when he filled up with a full tank of petrol. "Yo kids! Vote for me, I listen to Slim Shifty and Dr. Ray!"

It's nothing more than a simple beat-'em-up, where our hero Kyle shuffles around the four districts of Metro City to find his kidnapped brother Cody and bring down an evil drug dealer. Fighting is basic with a series of punches and throws that can be strung together, while baseball bats, guns and knives can be picked up for that extra little sting to the ribs. There's also quite a few 'features' that aren't listed on the back of the box: Ropey Cam, old-gen graphics, an entire free-roaming cul-de-sac and a cheap-ass soundtrack.

The fighting system works but it's completely soulless and lacking any dynamism. Hold the left trigger to drain the Instinct meter, which boosts attacks enabling Kyle's limited fist animations to move faster and cause more damage. There's on-screen encouragement like in Devil May Cry, as punches and combos are met with 'Decent!', 'Bring It!', and our favourite, 'Bangin'!' They may as well read 'Cripes!', 'Blinking Flip!' and 'Lordy!' for all the good it does.

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Final Fight: Streetwise

We thought it was all over...

Sitting around at a restaurant the night before Capcom's "Annual Producer Day" event, traditionally the springboard for various new game launches during E3 week, we found ourselves joking that the big announcement would be something like Dino Crisis 4. Instead we got Final Fight: Streetwise - another Capcom franchise increasingly maligned as it got into the latter stages. I seem to remember Super Play giving the last SNES version something like 45 per cent despite it being a cover title.