Final Fantasy Type-0 News

Final Fantasy: Agito "will definitely be localised"

Square Enix wants to bring Type-0 to the West via PSN.

Final Fantasy Type-0 localisation underway

Spin-off PSP RPG heading west.

Japan chart: Final Fantasy Type-0, Kirby on top

3DS rules hardware, but has no games in top 20.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 "early 2012" for EU

Type-0 still without a western release date.

Final Fantasy Type-0 nearly finished

Over 3 years of development ending.

New Final Fantasy Type-0 information

PSN outage sparks launch delay.

Final Fantasy Type-0 information

Summons, air ships, towns.

New Final Fantasy Type-O details

"Experience extremely realistic war."

FF Agito XIII details sneak out

Dev team done with The 3rd Birthday.

Square talks FF Versus XIII "difficulties"

Versus XIII and Agito XIII a long way off.

Square Enix clarifies PSP game reveals

New Parasite Eve and FF Agito XIII.