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If in doubt, buy your parents something you want and reclaim at a later date - a useful mantra handed down from generation to generation. I once bought my sister a CD that will remain nameless for shame purposes, even though she had no flashy machinery to play it on. But I did. So, when I suggested she hand the disc to me and keep the cassette recording I had selflessly made for herself, I was expecting nothing but cooperation. Bloody witch didn't see it like that though, did she? Threw a right strop. Ungrateful. But looking back at my foolish youth of yester-year I can see how much I have changed. She lives in China for a start, so no need to get her anything. Present for sister: tick.

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In 1949 the New Statesman held a contest inviting readers to send in parodies of the great novelist and playwright Graham Greene. So distinctive and unique was his writing style that it apparently invited parody. A few weeks later the publication announced the winners and, to both their and his surprise, second place went to Graham Greene himself, who had written in secretly using a pseudonym.