Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy PSP duo dated

Not long to go.

Square Enix has banged loudly on the door of the news inn declaring its need for a news-item-shaped room. The reason? It's delivering a baby-shaped parcel of release information and - ooh! - it's twins. Final Fantasy I and II will be born to Europe on 8th February, apparently.

FF I and II PSP Euro-bound

Beginning of the ends.

Square Enix has confirmed that PSP versions of Final Fantasy I and II will both be making their way over here and indeed to all PAL territories for early 2008. Providing they save often and bring enough potions.

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition

Age ain't nothing but a number. Number 1, version 5, specifically.

The phone rings. Oh god. It's her again, isn't it? She'll want to talk for hours, wittering on about how great this was, remember when we did that, how we should do it again sometime. Better not answer. But...what if it's important? What if one of my parents has died? Or I've won the lottery? Or a talent agency saw me in the street and wants me to be the face of Persil or something? Crap. I'd better answer...


"Hey, you. Watcha doin'? Watcha thinkin' about?"

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