Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Final Fantasy 4 sequel now available for iOS/Android

Final Fantasy 4: The After Years is now available to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play, priced £10.99/€14.49.

The After Years is a sequel to Square Enix's classic RPG that originally released in 10 bite-size chapters for mobiles back in 2008. Thankfully all 10 chapters are included in the above price.

Wii and PSP ports followed, and the game has now been given a graphical lick of paint to feature 3D characters and new environments.

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Final Fantasy IV heading to PSP

Complete Collection includes After Years.

A new version of SNES RPG classic Final Fantasy IV is heading to the PSP, incorporating recent WiiWare expansion The After Years as well as the 1991 original.

Wii FFIV story DLC available now

Nintendo's online refresher offers lots.

Nintendo's Friday online refresher brings brand-new content for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, in the shape of Chapter 9 - The Crystals - the final part in the expansive RPG story. You can take it to the bridge for 800 Wii Points (approximately £6.75 - points bought online are cheaper).

WiiWare Roundup

WiiWare Roundup

NyxQuest plus two Final Fantasy spin-offs.

Those who once held out hope for Nintendo’s WiiWare service as an outlet for charming, offbeat and innovative games might well be sobbing into their lacy handkerchiefs. While there’s no shortage of games available now, the prices remain prohibitively high and quality is an often secondary concern.

There are, however, some notable titles loitering in amongst the incomprehensible brawlers and bafflingly simplistic Wii Sports rip-offs. Here’s our pick of the more interesting efforts from the last few months.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

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FFIV soundtrack remixed, free

Huge rock-opera has 46 tracks.

OverClocked ReMix has finished its community-wide remix of Final Fantasy IV, and is offering the massive album free either whole or dissected, track-by-track.

FFIV: The After Years on WiiWare

Animal Crossing, Art Style for DSiWare.

Nintendo has updated the WiiWare store with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which costs 800 Nintendo Points (GBP 6 / EUR 8 approx) to download.

GDC: Two Final Fantasy WiiWare games

Plus early FF games heading to VC.

Nintendo has confirmed reports that Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is coming to WiiWare this year, and it will be joined by a sequel to My Life as a King, called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord.