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Square defends the high price of its mobile games

Its high-end games provide 60+ hours, "rich storylines, high quality graphics and challenging, diverse combat."

Square Enix has become notorious for charging exceptionally high prices for its mobile games - just look at its £19.99 / $29 Final Fantasy Dimensions and £32 / $44 Demons' Score - but the publisher insists that its games offer high quality experiences worthy of their audacious prices.

Square Enix supports Ouya: Final Fantasy 3 at launch

Classic role-player Final Fantasy 3 will be released for the Android-based Ouya console, publisher Square Enix has confirmed.

Final Fantasy 3 will be ready to play at the Ouya's launch and will be "fully optimised" for the platform. A free demo will also be available to download.

More content for Ouya is also in the works, Square Enix Japan explained (translated by Square Portal).

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Final Fantasy III iPhone announced

Classic Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy III will launch on iPhone and iPod touch next month, Square Enix has announced.

The announcement was made on the Square Enix Facebook page, which directs to a Final Fantasy III website that reveals a March 2011 release.

Pricing is yet to be announced, and it is unclear which version of the game the iPhone port is based on.

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SNES classic revamped.

Square Enix revealed at last weekend's 2007 party in Japan that it would be resurrecting Final Fantasy IV for DS.

FeatureFantasy Reborn

Square Enix VP on bringing FF3 to the DS.

Hiromichi Tanaka is one of the unsung heroes of Japanese game development. Since dropping out of university at the age of 21

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

Moogle dressed as lamb.

Excuse the unpleasant analogy but Final Fantasy III DS, which has never previously been released outside Japan, is your grandmother in the aftermath of a miracle TV-makeover. She's had her face sculpted back to 18-year-old porcelain perfection, skin ironed so as to wipe away the wrinkled scrawl of merciless, advancing years. Her tweed, sensible trousers have been tailored down to rude mini-skirt; granny stockings swapped for provocative fishnets and that blue rinse bob repainted blonde, flowing and coyly curled. The transformation is terribly impressive for the cameras and, y'know, you kinda fancy her for it, but still... something is definitely Not. Quite. Right.

Similarly, Final Fantasy III DS might always be pretty, but it's rarely beautiful - the potential pitfall being that, if we're honest, boys like us always have a tough time distinguishing the two at first.

Initially, you'll be wondering who upgraded your DS with the ability to display PS2-quality full motion video and perform soaring (if tinny) orchestral soundtracks. The game's astonishing introduction sequence is the sweetest of eye candy and you'll gawp as it hopskotches between the DS's top and bottom screens with showboating flair. Then, as the game plonks your character, the orphaned lead, Luneth, deep in the armpit of a cavernous maze you'll marvel at how remarkably close in quality the character models, textures and environments are to Final Fantasy VII. Indeed, the graphical overhaul of this ancient RPG is consistently arresting and, while it might not rival the slick curves of the top level PSP output, it's the prettiest and most technically impressive title we've yet played on Nintendo's handheld.

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Final Fantasy III Euro date

DS version due in spring.

Square Enix is gearing up for a busy first few months of next year - with Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS now down for release in the spring.

FeatureFlight of Fantasy

A history of the recurring dream.

Occasionally a videogame so perfectly exemplifies a particular type of gameplay that its name becomes interchangeable with that of its genre. Mario is easy shorthand for the Platform game; Tetris, piece by piece epitomises the Puzzle genre; Dance Dance Revolution is foot sign language for Rhythm Action; and Street Fighter's Ryu and Ken, even today, bounce hunched as poster boys for Beat-‘em-ups everywhere.

FF-themed DS Lite for Japan

We want one. To put it mildly.

Not content with bringing us a "Noble Pink" DS Lite (due out on July 20th), Nintendo's preparing to release Final Fantasy-themed hardware to celebrate the launch of the DS Final Fantasy III remake in Japan.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

Respondents to a survey on emotion in videogames have voted Square-Enix's Final Fantasy titles as the most emotionally rich games ever made, citing the death of Aeries in Final Fantasy VII as the series' most tearjerking moment.

UK iTunes could see FF music

Says Squenix as Final Fantasy hits US iTunes.

Square-Enix's European office said today that it is in discussions over bringing Final Fantasy soundtracks to the UK iTunes Music Store following their unveiling on the American version of the premium music download service in the USA.