Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy PSP duo dated

Not long to go.

Square Enix has banged loudly on the door of the news inn declaring its need for a news-item-shaped room. The reason? It's delivering a baby-shaped parcel of release information and - ooh! - it's twins. Final Fantasy I and II will be born to Europe on 8th February, apparently.

FF I and II PSP Euro-bound

Beginning of the ends.

Square Enix has confirmed that PSP versions of Final Fantasy I and II will both be making their way over here and indeed to all PAL territories for early 2008. Providing they save often and bring enough potions.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II

Number two.

'Own The Birth Of A Generation' urges the copy, somewhat awkwardly, on the back of the box. Setting aside the broken imagery (consider the acres of placenta you'd have on your hands) the phrase does manage to outline, with rare marketing frankness, the only reason players would be interested in buying this, the latest overhauled re-release of the second Final Fantasy game.

Of course, the chances of finding a gamer interested in owning Final Fantasy II out of historical curiosity who is simultaneously yet to actually play the game might be more problematic for Square-Enix. Once upon a time this was a tricky title to find outside of Japan, but nowadays, thanks to emulation and fan translation, not to mention re-releases on WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, various mobile phones and the GBA (in the form of Dawn of Souls) the chances are that any interested parties already regretfully own this primitive RPG.

Essentially this is a port of the PlayStation remake of the original Japanese Famicom game. The new dialogue and CGI cut-scenes introduced by the PlayStation version remain intact here, the novelty being yet another graphical upgrade. Unlike the recent DS remake of Final Fantasy III this update is purely 2D, boasting pin-sharp pixels spread across lush parallax backgrounds. The visuals are indistinguishable from the first Final Fantasy Anniversary - no bad thing as both games are bright, pretty and engaging, albeit within tight nostalgic boundaries.

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