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Final Fantasy 15's very last DLC episode gets a release date

Final Fantasy 15's final DLC expansion, Episode Ardyn, will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 26th.

Previous Final Fantasy 15 DLC episodes - that is, Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, and Episode Prompto - have focussed individual character's from the game's core entourage. Episode Ardyn, however, casts its net wider, telling the story of the Niflheim Empire's Chancellor Ardyn Izunia.

Those who've yet to finish the main game should consider everything from here on in to be a carefree jaunt through potential spoiler territory.

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC cancelled, Hajime Tabata quits Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 DLC cancelled, Hajime Tabata quits Square Enix

UPDATE: Square Enix responds with official statement.

UPDATE: Square Enix has been in touch to provide a statement, and to assert that, contrary to a part of our report, that Luminous Productions will remain its own division.

"Hajime Tabata resigned from his role as the director of Final Fantasy 15, at the same time he left Luminous Productions and has no further relations with Square Enix or Luminous Productions," it reads. "We are told that he left for personal reasons. It is with regret to see the departure of such a talented member of staff who applied themselves on Final Fantasy 15 and many other memorable titles. We wish him every success for the future and will continue to cheer him on."

"As to the future of Luminous Productions, the studio was established with the goal to create a new IP, so we are continuing to develop our new title."

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Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition announced, PC version dated

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition announced, PC version dated

First person mode, new dungeons and vehicles and more coming to Xbox One and PS4.

Final Fantasy 15 is getting an all-new Royal Edition which bundles together all of the pre-existing DLC as well as introducing a bevvy of new features - and it releases on PC at the same time as on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, marking the debut of Final Fantasy 15's Windows edition.

An all-new dungeon in Insomnia City Ruins is introduced, as well as first-person mode and the ability to control the Royal Vessel, Final Fantasy 15's boat that takes players from Cape Caem to Atlissia.

Perhaps the best addition, however, is the introduction of all-new Yoshitaka Amano artwork for Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition's cover, which is making me seriously consider buying an all-new physical copy (it's worth noting that if you already own Final Fantasy 15 you can access all the features introduced in Royal Edition as DLC - although with those extras coming in at $19.99, it's a fairly pricey add-on if you've already invested in the base game and the season pass).

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Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis release date unveiled

Final Fantasy 15's Episode Ignis expansion now has a release date: 13th December.

There's a new trailer, too, for you to marvel over everyone's pretty hair:

As previously announced, Final Fantasy 15's upcoming fishing-based VR spin-off Monster of the Deep is also on the way, due 21st November.

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Square Enix is trying to get full-fat Final Fantasy 15 on Nintendo Switch

Initial results 'weren't satisfactory', but there are several options on the table.

A few short weeks back, Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata hinted that Square Enix was looking into bringing his game to Nintendo's Switch console, and now we've an idea of what exactly that might look like - even if it's still very much in the planning stage.

Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer expansion gets a date

Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer expansion, titled Comrades, has got an all-new trailer and a final release date, with the add-on coming out on 31st October.

It's part of ongoing support for Square Enix's RPG, which first launched last November, with three episodes centred around the main party also being released as part of Final Fantasy 15's season pass.

Comrades is also part of that season pass (it'll also be sold separately, it's worth noting), allowing players to party up in a series of co-op missions. A limited beta launched back in August, allowing people to sample Final Fantasy 15's own particular take on multiplayer.

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Final Fantasy 15 is getting free Assassin's Creed crossover DLC

Dawn the AC cowl as Lestallum partakes in its Assassin's Festival.

Apparently cosplaying as an Assassin's Creed character is such a phenomenon that it's infiltrated the world of Final Fantasy 15. Indeed, Square Enix's popular RPG is getting a free Assassin's Creed-related timed expansion due 29th August and lasting through 31st Jan, 2018.

You can test Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer expansion next week

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 15 fans can test the game's multiplayer DLC next week.

Final Fantasy 15's multiplayer expansion, subtitled Comrades, will be available as a closed online test on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from 3rd to 8th August. Players can create their own custom avatars and join together with up to three others to participate in multiplayer quests.

Here are some screenshots of Comrades in action:

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Final Fantasy 15's next DLC Episode Prompto gets a release date

Final Fantasy 15's next DLC Episode Prompto gets a release date

Comes with a free off-road driving update.

Final Fantasy 15's next major piece of DLC, Episode Prompto, has been given a release date of Tuesday, June 27th by Square Enix.

It marks the second of four major DLC drops - Episode Gladiolus was released in March, with Ignis and multiplayer-centric episodes to come - which are available individually and as part of the season pass.

Episode Prompto will feature music from guest composer Naoshi Mizuta, known for his work on Final Fantasy 11 and 13-2, with a new trailer providing a tease of what's to come.

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Final Fantasy 15 survey hints at possible future updates

Final Fantasy 15 survey hints at possible future updates

New story content, playable characters, and a hard mode suggested.

A new survey for Final Fantasy 15 lets players vote on what they'd like to see added to the game.

Accessible as part of a new update, players are able to choose one potential feature, with the highest voted items to be put into consideration by the development team.

Warning - there are some details that could be considered spoilers if you've yet to finish the game.

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Meanwhile, Square Enix just reported huge sales and profits

Meanwhile, Square Enix just reported huge sales and profits

FF15 and Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 do well.

Square Enix is binning off Hitman developer IO Interactive, but it's just announced record revenue and profits for the company as a whole.

For the financial year ending 31st March 2017, Square Enix saw net sales of 1.7bn - an increase 20 per cent versus the previous year, with operating income up 20.3 per cent and ordinary income up 22.9 per cent.

Square Enix said the launch of Final Fantasy 15 and the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider as well as strong download sales of catalogue titles had sparked the increase in net sales and operating income in the area of console games.

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Final Fantasy 15 update that changes Chapter 13 out now

The update that changes Final Fantasy 15's divisive Chapter 13 is live.

Update version 1.06 adds Chapter 13, Verse 2. This is an alternate route featuring Gladiolus. Previously you played through the chapter solo.

Elsewhere, the update enhances Arcana spells (Alterna, Holy and Death) and announces the winning snapshots from the game's first photo contest (you can view them at Takka's Pit Stop in Hammerhead.

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Final Fantasy 15 updated with 60fps PS4 Pro patch

Final Fantasy 15 updated with 60fps PS4 Pro patch

As well as new timed quests, an increased level cap and Nier tracks.

Final Fantasy 15 has received a sizeable update, headlining with a long-awaited PS4 Pro patch to run the game at a maximum of 60 frames per second.

To date there has been two PS4 Pro options - Lite and High - capping the game at 30 frames per second. The 1800p High mode has previously seen some jittery results due to some frame-pacing issues; Digital Foundry is currently looking into what the patch can deliver and will offer its thoughts in the very near future.

Update 1.05 also adds several new in-game features for all PS4 and Xbox One players, the most interesting of which are Timed Quests accessed via the in-game menu screen. The first has you take on 100 (!) Cactuars and Slactuars, and you can expect some hefty EXP, AP and gil rewards for your trouble.

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Final Fantasy 15's DLC episodes dated

Coming fairly Prompto.

Final Fantasy 15's first two big DLC episodes have been dated, with musclebound hunk Gladiolus leading the charge with his story being told on March 28th (thanks for the spot, USgamer).

Final Fantasy 15 famously spent over ten years in development, yet when it came out last November it still felt incomplete. Big edits had clearly been made, leaving the story potted with plot holes and inconsistencies while the open world narrows down to a corridor in the final half of the game, suggesting it was rushed over the finish line before director Hajime Tabata and his team could fulfil their vision.

Final Fantasy 15 is getting a free update that bolsters one of the game's best features

Final Fantasy 15! It's either one of the best Final Fantasy games since the series' heyday, or a travesty that doesn't deserve to bear the Final Fantasy name. Well, it's so divisive that it must be a Final Fantasy game, given how fans have never really found a consensus on what the best game in the series could possibly be.

Still, one thing we can surely all agree on is the fact that Prompto's photographs that prop up the end of each day in Final Fantasy 15 are the best thing about the game. Heck, they may even be my favourite thing in any game in 2016, so perfectly distilling the knockabout theme of friendship that's at Final Fantasy 15's core. Well, now they're being improved, with a new update that's going live on December 22nd adding photo frames for you when sharing images online. I'd say that's worth picking a season pass up for, but this update's entirely free.

Also free is a New Game Plus mode and new items that come as part of a free holiday pack that include a band your party can equip that stops them from accruing XP. If that's your kind of thing.

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Final Fantasy 15's story is being patched

Final Fantasy 15's director Hajime Tabata has detailed forthcoming updates to the recently released game, and its story - which has come in for some criticism - is set to be tweaked at an unspecified date.

Be warned - some minor spoilers follow. The first beneficiary of the free updates will be Chapter 13 - the point at which the game sheds its open world and becomes more linear, and a level with stealth elements that's been cited as being overlong and frustrating as it limits the player's abilities. "Our early plans are to enrich certain aspects of the game, adding gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, buffing ring magic, etc," said Tabata in the update. "We'll have the specifics of what and when for you at a later date."

Perhaps more controversially, Final Fantasy 15's story is to be tweaked with new cut-scenes that aim to clear up a muddied plot. "We're hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations, such as why Ravus walked the path he did," said Tabata of what's to come after the updates to Chapter 13. "We will need a little time with these, as they'll need to be localised and voiced in other languages, but we'll let you know the details once everything is set."

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Final Fantasy 15 worldwide launch makes it series' fastest-selling game

Boy band RPG Final Fantasy 15 sold more than 5m copies on its launch day.

Square Enix trumpeted its sales success with word the game also qualified as the long-lived franchise's fastest-selling instalment - although this is largely due to it also being the series' first simultaneous global release.

FF15 also wins the crown for the most digital downloads of any game on day of release in Japan, and the biggest release ever in Asia outside Japan.

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Final Fantasy 15 day one Crown update detailed

Final Fantasy 15 day one Crown update detailed

Kingsglaive cutscenes! Beast whistle! More fish recipes!

A day one update for Final Fantasy 15 will add in a sprinkling of new features not yet finished when the game was pressed onto disc.

Pop the game into your console (or download it from your store of choice) and you'll be able to acquire the Crown update, available upon the game's release on 29th November.

This will add extra features, more recipes and cut-scenes from the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 CGI movie, which tells a story that runs parallel to that of the main game.

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Japan just got an 'exclusive' Final Fantasy 15 demo

Japan just got an 'exclusive' Final Fantasy 15 demo

If only there was some way you could play it…

Final Fantasy 15 is actually out at the end of the month. Like, it's actually out. After all this time. Weird.

Aoife and I have played a bunch of it already and ended up having loads of fun.

But perhaps you remain unconvinced. Fair enough. Perhaps what you need is another demo.

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Square Enix will offer two enhanced display modes for owners of the new and more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro console. One will display the game in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second; the other will display the game at today's standard 1080p resolution but at 60 frames per second.

The latest Final Fantasy 15 trailer has loads of cutscenes

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy 15 video to coincide with the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, and it has over four minutes of cutscene.

The game's set-up is this: Crown Prince Noctis and his friends escape after their homeland is invaded. They journey through the land of Eos, laughing, arguing, riding chocobos, as you do. Noctis and his J-Pop bros eventually take up arms against the Niflheim empire and fight back.

The video, below, shows off loads of additional characters you encounter in the opening chapters of the game, including the sinister, purple-haired stranger Ardyn Izunia (the video is in Japanese, so don't forget to turn on subtitles). If you've watched the CGI movie watched Kingsglaive, you'll be familiar with a lot of these characters and what's happened prior to the beginning of the game.

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In case you weren't entirely sure whether or not Square Enix has lost its marbles over Final Fantasy 15, here's some compelling evidence that should convince you one way or another. The publisher has taken over the iconic Abbey Road studios for a live concert of music from the forthcoming game, being performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra no less, for a livestream that's kicking off at 7pm BST.

Got a spare 50 minutes for a Final Fantasy 15 gameplay video?

Perhaps in an effort to ease the pain of the recently announced Final Fantasy 15 delay, Square Enix has released a humongous gameplay video for it.

There are 50 minutes to gawp at, showcasing what appears to be the start of the game. There's awkward dialogue, cheesy interactions, and a car - it's wonderfully Final Fantasy.

Most if not all facets of the game are on show, from character levelling to car exploration, and from combat to even a spot of fishing.

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English indie rock band Florence + the Machine has today released a selection of new tracks recorded for Final Fantasy 15. Titled Songs from Final Fantasy 15, the collection comprises three tracks; Too Much Is Never Enough, I Will Be and a rendition of Ben E. King's classic, Stand By Me.

CGI Final Fantasy 15 film Kingsglaive gets a release date and new trailer

CGI Final Fantasy 15 film Kingsglaive gets a release date and new trailer

The one with Aaron Paul, Sean Bean and Lena Headey.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 got a release date and extended trailer at Comic-Con this weekend.

The animated film, which stars Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul, will be released digitally 30th August and on Blu-ray 4th October. But if you live in the US you'll be able to see it in select cinemas earlier, from 19th August.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 unfolds in parallel to the video game Final Fantasy 15. In the game, main character Noctis leaves his royal home on the 'eve of a peace deal between his father's kingdom of Lucis and the dominant empire of Niflheim. But after he sets out things go belly up and sneaky Niflheim invades anyway - so his mission becomes one of retaking his homeland and the magical crystal belonging to it. But in the film that story plays out from his father King Regis' point of view.

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Final Fantasy 15 Xbox One gameplay showcases a screen-filling boss battle

Square Enix has shown live Xbox One gameplay of Final Fantasy 15 on stage at Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference, showcasing one of its screen-filling boss battles.

It sees Noct and his party surviving against a huge Titan, who must evade a series of attacks until more party members arrive, allowing them to turn the tables and fight back.

It's all part of an E3 Special mission titled 'The Trial of Titan', which will likely be on the show floor for attendees this week.

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If you're reading this, and the mysterious inner workings of Eurogamer's CMS are behaving as they should do, then Square's Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15 event has just concluded in Los Angeles and a brand new Platinum Demo for Xbox One and PS4 has just gone live on their respective online stores - sorry, PC owners. I actually completed the free demo a few hours before the event started, in a small hands-on session in downtown LA. About a half-hour to forty minutes long and very linear in nature, you play as a younger version of Noct, trapped inside his own dreamscape. His guide, an impossibly cute Carbuncle, communicates with him via text messages - complete with custom emoticons. He'll arm you with a Toy Sword and a Squeaky Hammer and take you through four different areas from the main game - a forest, a dining room, a cityscape, and finally the royal Citadel.

Final Fantasy 15 release date leaked

UPDATE 30/03/2016 7.02pm: Final Fantasy 15's release date has supposedly leaked. According to Gamespot - in a video since removed but screen-capped on NeoGAF - it's arriving on 30th September.

Please try to act surprised when this is announced later tonight.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/03/2016 5.20pm: A final Fantasy 15 demo is due tomorrow, it has been revealed.

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New Final Fantasy 15 gameplay reminds us of Metal Gear Solid

Square Enix released new gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 15 over the weekend - and it shows off a different side to the Japanese role-playing adventure.

The footage, below, sees Final Fantasy 15's J-Pop band skulk about a military base riddled with enemy soldiers and the odd Metal Gear Rex - sorry, giant mech.

The level is designed to show off stealth play. The player uses cover to avoid detection, warping from one place to the other and taking out enemies with sneak attacks.

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Moogles confirmed for Final Fantasy 15

Moogles confirmed for Final Fantasy 15

"It won't be a very chatty Moogle."

Final Fantasy 15 will have Moogles, Square Enix has confirmed.

Last week the publisher polled Twitter users on whether they'd like to see the adorable bat cats return and a whopping 78 per cent voted yes to Moogles.

"Congrats Moogle! I'd like to thank everyone that voted. I will think of a fun little way to feature Moogles in #FFXV," tweeted game director Hajime Tabata.

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Final Fantasy 15 release date narrowed down to 2016

Final Fantasy 15 release date narrowed down to 2016

Director Tabata apologies for underwhelming Gamescom showing.

Final Fantasy 15's release date has been narrowed down to 2016, 10 years after it first broke cover in its initial guise as Final Fantasy Versus 13.

Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy 15's director, told Eurogamer the news as he mulled over the negative reaction to the game's Gamescom showing.

Yesterday, during an hour-long Active Time Report ivestream (catch up in the video, below), Square Enix released a new cutscene-heavy trailer and a slim slice of gameplay showing the Malboro monster take out Noctis and co in a new swamp area.

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New Final Fantasy 15 trailer shows what happens 15 years before the game begins

Square Enix's put a new Final Fantasy 15 trailer out to coincide with the start of Gamescom. It doesn't feature gameplay, unfortunately, but it does feature fancy cutscenes that show the game's protagonist, Noctis, when he was a kid.

The Dawn trailer shows events that take place 15 years before the start of the game, due out at some point on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Here's what's going on in the trailer, according to Square Enix:

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Final Fantasy 15 demo to be updated early June

Final Fantasy 15 demo to be updated early June

UPDATE: Demo update out now. Here's what it does. (Warning: ultra tough monster alert.)

UPDATE 09/06/2015: The Final Fantasy 15 demo update is out now.

Reports indicate it weighs in at 3.4GB, so get that download started.

The update tweaks the camera and targeting systems, adds additional quests, enhances the battle system with additional combination techniques, rebalances and bug fixes, and, according to Square Enix, triggers a more stabilised frame-rate.

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The Final Fantasy 15 demo is getting an update

Square Enix will release an update for its Final Fantasy 15 demo in May.

Siliconera reports the update brings Episode Duscae, which launched alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March, up to Ver. 2.00. It enhances the cooperative move system (Active Cross Battle), adjusts the camera targeting system, fixes bugs and adds combat actions and balance adjustments.

Apparently the update will also stabilise the demo's frame-rate. This news is welcome: Digital Foundry's analysis of the Final Fantasy 15 demo found the PlayStation 4 version hovers around 30fps with extended drops to 25-28fps during most combat scenarios, with the Xbox One version a 5fps deficit in comparison.

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Square Enix announces its own E3 press conference

Final Fantasy 15 publisher Square Enix has announced its own E3 press conference, due to take place on Tuesday, 16th June at 5pm UK time.

The event will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube, or you'll be able to watch the whole thing here with Eurogamer's usual brand of commentary (will this be the year of tucked or untucked shirts?).

Square Enix usually leaves its games to be showcased in the conferences of platform holders such as Microsoft and Sony. It's unusual that it is holding its own conference this year but, equally unusually, so is Bethesda.

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Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae demo detailed

Playable day one with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The upcoming Final Fantasy 15 demo, subtitled Episode Duscae, will be available to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from the day that accompanying game Final Fantasy Type-0 HD goes on sale.

Final Fantasy 15's brotastic TGS trailer gets an English dub

Final Fantasy 15, the fantasy RPG about a boy band going on a road trip and fighting monsters, has received an English language version of its bewildering Tokyo Games Show 2014 trailer.

Marvel in its awkward dubbing as fake Backstreet Boys save the world and gawk at things. Feel their pain as they complain about the length of their commute and need for a bath.

Just because this trailer is in English doesn't mean that it makes any more sense. If anything, understanding the dialogue only makes the whole thing seem even more peculiar.

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Final Fantasy 15 TGS trailer shows new gameplay

Square Enix won't talk much about Final Fantasy 15 at this week's Tokyo Game Show, but it has released a new trailer that offers us a tantalising glimpse at new gameplay.

The video, below, begins with cutscene footage we've seen before, but at the 2.55 minute mark we see protagonist Noctis whizzing about an urban environment in combat-heavy new gameplay.

So, what do we know about Final Fantasy 15, formerly PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus 13? It's due out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, is in development at Square Enix's 1st Production Department and is directed by Tetsuya Nomura.

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