Final Fantasy XIV Online News

Yoshida "positive" about Final Fantasy 14 coming to Xbox

"We are still in discussions with Microsoft."

Final Fantasy 14 redesigns an icon to stop triggering players' phobia of holes

Dozens of trypophobic players fed back on the official forums.

Server "congestion" remains after Final Fantasy 14 DDoS attacks

"Players may experience extended waiting times when logging in."

Square Enix boss leaves as company announces "extraordinary loss"

"Major reforms and restructuring" planned due to sluggish game sales.

Square Enix: another mistake like Final Fantasy 14 could destroy the company

A Realm Reborn won't be released until it's ready, director insists.

Behold the first Final Fantasy 14 PS3 screenshots

They show the console UI but suffer compared to PC.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn footage shows how to kill a dragon

Giant lizard meteors its match in rebuilt Square Enix MMO.

Regaining fans' trust in Final Fantasy will take a "long time", FF14 producer says

"We can't - we just can't - let this game end in failure."

Final Fantasy 14 Version 2.0 becomes FF14: A Realm Reborn

Think of it as latest title in the series, says Squenix.

FF11 is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka departs Square Enix amid health concerns.

Final Fantasy 14 on PS4? "We must first fulfil that promise" of PS3

Eurogamer finds out about the Version 2.0 relaunch at E3.

Final Fantasy 14 welcome back incentives announced

Plus, cheap sub rates for loyal players.

Square cuts back on Final Fantasy 14 servers

Now only 10 Worlds, down from 18.

Square Enix hints at Final Fantasy 15 as an action RPG

"That's a trend, and you ignore things like that at your peril."

FFXIV on Vita, Xbox 360 under discussion

Square has big plans for troubled MMO.

Final Fantasy 14 PS3 still alive

Closed beta test confirmed for late 2012.

Final Fantasy XIV gets huge update

Quests! Airships! Chocobo rentals!

Final Fantasy brand "greatly damaged"

Square Enix boss hopes to revive FF14.

Final Fantasy XV won't be on Vita/3DS

Users demand "cutting edge graphics".

Square Enix has a new MMO to announce

Is it Fixed Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Big Final Fantasy XIV changes detailed

Yoshida outlines plans for troubled MMO.

Square Enix blames bad year on FFXIV

And a "weak" console performance.

New FFXIV producer admits launch failings

Insists struggling MMO can recover.

Final Fantasy servers back up this week

Service resumes after earthquake outage.

Final Fantasy XI, XIV offline

Square Enix reduces power consumption.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution delayed

Squeenix talks "harsh feedback" to key title.

More Final Fantasy XIV updates ready

New producer gets stuck in.

PS3 Final Fantasy XIV delayed

Team restructured, free trial extended again.

Final Fantasy XIV update goes live

Lengthy patch process gets underway.

FFXIV free trial extended again

November's update gets tentative date.

Why FFXIV failed to meet expectations

Square Enix understands your pain.

FFXIV: "Full power on regaining trust"

Square Enix reveals game sales.

"State" of FFXIV leads to trial extension

"We humbly ask for your continued support."

UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach

New: Dead Rising 2! FFXIV! Civ5! GH:WOR!

Official FFXIV pad coming to Europe

"Will improve the gameplay feel" of PC MMO.

Square unveils FFXIV currency

Your money is no good here.

FFXIV open beta ends on Sunday

Last week of free grind.

Final Fantasy XIV beta delayed

Update: Will begin tomorrow.

Final Fantasy XIV open beta tomorrow

Client already available to closed testers.

FFXIV limits XP earning after eight hours

Dev wants to balance it for casual fans.

FFXIV open beta in early September

Closed beta ends tomorrow.

FFXIV will have 18 classes at release

Seven combat, 11 trade disciplines.

FFXIV goes into beta this weekend

Not just in Japan, turns out. Everywhere!

FFXIV PC in September, PS3 delayed

PS3 pushed to March 2011, beta in July.

FFXIV Online beta "starting soon"

Tanaka confident of 2010 release.

"Closed" Xbox Live blocked FFXIV

Tanaka and MS couldn't agree.

"No plans" for FFXIV on 360 - Tanaka

"Still talking" with Microsoft, though

Squenix warns of FFXI server breach

Player accounts disclosed as a result.

FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

Monster RPG ships 5m copies.

FFXIV testing to begin 11th March

Also, three mini-expansions for FFXI.

Final Fantasy XIV beta sign-ups open

PC to start with, PS3 details later.

New Final Fantasy XIV classes revealed

Gladiator and Pugilist take their bows.

FFXI Ultimate Collection dated

All add-ons under one roof.

FFXIV looks likely for Xbox 360

Xbox Live causing the hold-up.

First FFXIV gameplay footage shown

It's real. It works. It's at gamescom.

More detail on jobs, questing in FFXIV

Combine classes on a single character.

No experience, levelling in FFXIV

"Freedom to grow naturally" in next MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV showing at gamescom

Plus: playable Supreme Commander 2.

E3: FFXIV Online for PS3 and PC

Out in 2010, unbelievably.