Final Fantasy XIII News

Final Fantasy 13 PC will get 1080p support next week

To coincide with the Steam release of FF13-2.

Final Fantasy 13's PC release in October was met with a worrisome amount of disappointment and anger as its resolution was locked to 1280x720. Thankfully, modding extraordinaire Durante came to the rescue and released a mod that alleviated this problem, but not without a few flies in the ointment.

Yesterday Final Fantasy 13 launched on Steam, but there was one problem: its resolution was locked to 1280x720. Thankfully, modder Durante - the hacker who saved the day when Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition suffered similar resolution woes on PC - has released a mod to fix this nonsense.

Sakaguchi has faith in current Final Fantasy producer

But occasionally "complains a little bit".

While recent Final Fantasy games haven't been greeted with too much enthusiasm by fans, franchise creator Hironobu Sakaguchi says he still has plenty of faith in the series' current custodian Yoshinori Kitase.

360 Final Fantasy XIII flops in Japan

Held up by the snow? Lightning?

I doubt Japan ever expected to play Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360, but last week a cut-price, content-boosted version of the game on Microsoft's machine was released.

FFXIII: Mistakes, conflict, standstill

Game's makers slice open the cadaver.

Final Fantasy's arrival on current gen hardware was good, but not brilliant - and game creators Motomu Toriyama (director) and Akihiko Maeda have now explained why.

Square Enix hints at FFXIII-2

Wants "story where Lightning ends up happy".

Square Enix "wants" to do "something" that will allow players to "further understand" the Final Fantasy XIII story – and it could be a sequel.

No new episode for FFXIII - Square

Publisher clarifies earlier reports.

Square Enix has denied reports that the Ultimate Hits International edition of Final Fantasy XIII, which will bring the game to Japanese 360s for the first time, features new content.

FFXIII 360 heads to Japan, new content

Budget edition has extra episode.

Square Enix has confirmed that Japanese Xbox 360 owners will get to play Final Fantasy XIII after all, with the release of a special edition at the end of this year.

Wada unsure of Final Fantasy's future

"Should FF become a new type of game?"

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has admitted that Final Fantasy XIII met with a mixed reaction from gamers, and that he's not sure if the long-running RPG series should look to change in the future.

FFXIII sells 5.5m units for Square Enix

FFXIII sells 5.5m units for Square Enix

DQIX, Batman help make record results.

Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Quest IX have driven Square Enix sales through the roof.

The Japanese company today revealed a 42 per cent rise in revenue and a 50 per cent rise net income for the financial year ended 31st March 2010. Accountants were so pleased they used colour in the annual report.

Final Fantasy XIII - released early March 2010 - was the company's best performer. The role-playing game sold 5.55m units worldwide.

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FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

Monster RPG ships 5m copies.

There's a Final Fantasy XIV closed beta invite inside the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII box.

Rummage around near the manual and you'll find a code for the Square Enix Members website. Redeem and you'll be on a VIP list for the FFXIV closed beta. You'll also receive a special in-game item to use in the 14th Final Fantasy game.

Earlier this month, Square Enix told us that loyal FFXI players would be invited to a FFXIV closed alpha test on 11th March.

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FFVII remake "unrealistic to happen"

It would take too long, says Kitase.

Yoshinori Kitase has built us up and now he is letting us down, explaining that remaking Final Fantasy VII to today's standards would simply take too long.

HMV to host Final Fantasy XIII launch

HMV to host Final Fantasy XIII launch

Kitase! Kamikokuryo! Free CDs! Alex Zane.

Square Enix has unveiled plans for the UK launch of Final Fantasy XIII.

HMV Oxford Street will hold a special event on the day the game is released, Tuesday 9th March, from 5.30pm - 7.30pm.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase will be on hand to meet fans, along with art director Isamu Kamikokuryo. DJ and TV presenter Alex Zane will MC the event.

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FFXIII DLC off the cards again

"It's the complete package".

Make your mind up. Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has denied that there are plans to release any downloadable content for the RPG epic, just weeks after saying there would be.

Kitase "really interested" in FFVII remake

"I don't get tired of people asking that".

Asked yet again what he'd think about remaking PSone classic Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase - producer of FFXIII and director of FFVII back in the day - has said he'd be "really interested" in such a project.

Square Enix admits FFXIII screen fakery

Identical PS3 and 360 shots were "altered".

Square Enix has admitted that some Final Fantasy XIII screenshots it released last week, which purported to show the PS3 and 360 versions of the game but were virtually identical, were "altered".

FFXIII Xbox 360 bundles revealed

Engraved hard drives! Avatar bits!

Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Europe on Xbox 360 as well, and to make sure you remember, Square Enix and Microsoft have teamed up to do two special console bundles.

Square "interested" in 3D Final Fantasy

Produced a trailer for Japanese cinemas.

Square Enix is "interested" in the possibility of a 3D version of Final Fantasy XIII, and has even produced a trailer for the game using the new technology.

FFXIII devs confused by Wada comment

Offer their thoughts on series future.

Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase have admitted they aren't sure what Square Enix president Yoichi Wada meant when he said Final Fantasy XIII might be the last game of its kind from the veteran RPG publisher.

Western FFXIII "finally completed"

Toriyama talks up enhancements.

Square Enix's Motomu Toriyama has said that work on the "overseas version" of Final Fantasy XIII is "finally completed" and apologised for "the long wait".

FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch

FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch

Game goes on sale in the Far East.

Square Enix has dug deep and found another few hundred thousand copies of Final Fantasy XIII for the game's launch in Japan earlier today.

A healthy 1.8 million copies of the PS3 game have been trucked off to shops around the region - a figure that includes console bundled copies.

Prior to this revision, Square Enix had said that 1.3 million copies of the highly anticipated PS3 RPG would be available during the game's first seven days on sale.

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Square targets six million sales of FFXIII

Square targets six million sales of FFXIII

Monster RPG raring to go.

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada reckons the company can sell more than six million copies of Final Fantasy XIII worldwide.

Speaking to Reuters Japan in comments picked up by Kotaku, Wada also said he wants Dragon Quest IX to break the five-million barrier in Japan, which he thinks it will do this year.

Final Fantasy XIII is due out for PS3 in Japan on 17th December, and will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously in the West in spring 2010.

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FFXIII PS3 Slim bundle shown at TGS

Picture of fancy design within.

Sony and Square Enix have unveiled the Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim bundle at the Tokyo Game Show, and offered audiences their first look at the pretty console paintjob.

Square Enix confirms FFXIII date

Square Enix confirms FFXIII date

Mid-December for 60 quid.

Update: The date has been confirmed. The price, with tax, is ¥9240 (£60.54).

Square Enix is expected to confirm a 17th December Japanese release for Final Fantasy XIII today at a special Tokyo Premiere Party that starts at 7pm JST (11am UK).

The announcement was pre-emptively spoiled by an online advertising campaign on YouTube Japan which, when its URL was changed to contain "After", displayed the December date. Oops. Fansite had the scoop.

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New Western FFXIII demo TBC

Game to be spread across three discs.

Square Enix hasn't decided whether the West will be given a Final Fantasy XIII demo, but if is then the content will be very different to the Japanese sampler.

FFXIII to hit Europe in under a year

Square looking to cut translation time.

Square Enix has said that it's hoping to release Final Fantasy XIII in Europe "sooner than a year later than the Japanese release".

FFXIII battle system revealed

Plus: story follows multiple threads.

Hands-on previews of Final Fantasy XIII in Edge and the UK Official PlayStation Magazine have torn the wraps off the game's battle system for the first time.

DQIX issue may delay FFXIII launch

DQIX issue may delay FFXIII launch

"There's a possibility," says Wada.

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has said the Dragon Quest IX delay may cause problems for the release of Final Fantasy XIII.

"The next term's schedule hasn't been fixed yet. Presently, I cannot say what kind of effect we will experience from moving the Dragon Quest IX launch from March to July," Wada told IT Media (spotted by Kotaku) when asked if there will be repercussions. "I cannot say there won't be an effect.

"There is a possibility that [the] Dragon Quest IX delay could affect Final Fantasy XIII," he added

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No FFXIII in US/Europe until 2010

But Japanese PS3 version out this year.

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has told Reuters that Final Fantasy XIII will not be released outside Japan until April 2010 or later.

MS on why FFXIII is coming to 360

It's all about console sales, apparently.

Microsoft marketeer Albert Pennello has claimed Xbox 360 sales were the pivotal factor in bringing Final Fantasy XIII to the console - not any funny goings-on behind the scenes.

Square Enix's John Yamamoto, president and CEO for North America and Europe, has said that the publisher is busily trying to work out if it can release Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII simultaneously worldwide, calling it "a goal".

FFXIII demo this year

Square Enix aiming for E3.

According to the latest issue of Dengeki, Square Enix is preparing a Final Fantasy XIII demo for July this year.

FFXIII video to show at TGS

Squenix also promises some new game announcements.

The PlayStation 3's Final Fantasy XIII will be shown off in video form at the Tokyo Game Show, and Square Enix plans to announce some new games too.

Kojima, Nomura back PS3

For long-term success.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Square-Enix's Tetsuya Nomura both believe PlayStation 3 will be the best outlet for their games in two or three years' time.

FFXIII to use motion-sensing

Plus: battle system details.

Square-Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that Final Fantasy XIII will make use of the motion-sensing technology in the PlayStation 3 controller.

FF to look like Advent Children?

That's the aim with XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama says he wants the fight scenes in Square-Enix's PlayStation 3 RPG to look like the ones in computer-generated film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Two new FF games for PS3

Plus two titles for Wii, too.

Square-Enix has unveiled two new Final Fantasy games currently in development for the PS3 to a packed pre-E3 press conference in Los Angeles.

Halo 3 and FFXIII at E3?

Release date claims, too.

With E3 just weeks away now, everyone and his blog's got a theory about what's going to be shown - and two of the most interesting rumours are about a pair of rather inevitable sequels.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

Respondents to a survey on emotion in videogames have voted Square-Enix's Final Fantasy titles as the most emotionally rich games ever made, citing the death of Aeries in Final Fantasy VII as the series' most tearjerking moment.