Final Fantasy XIII Features

Digital Foundry | Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox One X is a back-compat masterpiece

Enhanced performance, 9x resolution boost - and vastly improved video cutscenes.

Feature | Why Xbox failed in Japan

From the archive: the inside story on Microsoft's greatest ever challenge.

Digital Foundry | Final Fantasy XIII: Endgame

Digital Foundry vs. FFXIII. The final analysis.

Feature | Final Fantasy XIII

Kitase and Toriyama on the Western reaction and going multiformat.

Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning strike.

Feature | Final Fantasy XIII

Summoning and soundbites from director Motomu Toriyama.

Final Fantasy XIII

A glimpse of the future.

Feature | Coming Attractions: MMOs & RPGs

Taking 2009 to another level.

Feature | Final Fantasy comes to 360

Questions and answers from the Square Enix press conference. Mostly the former.