Final Fantasy 13-2 Videos

Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 13-2 360/PS3 Gameplay Performance Video

Gameplay sections compared between the two HD consoles.

Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 13-2 360/PS3 Engine Performance Video

Like-for-like engine driven cut-scenes analysed.

Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 13-2 360/PS3 Face-Off Video

Image quality comparison of the new RPG epic from Square-Enix.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 launch trailer

Square Enix epic released this Friday.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 sidequests footage

Chocobo Racing! Slot Machines! Quizzes!

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 trailer gets time travelling

Sequel's release date just two weeks in the future.

Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 13-2 360/PS3 Performance Video

Head-to-head footage from the playable demo.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 demo trailer

Have a fantabulous day.

VideoNew Final Fantasy 13-2 gameplay video

Mog the Moogle uses the Mog Clock.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 characters trailer

Lightning and chums strut their stuff.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 battle gameplay

In-game footage from Square Enix's sequel.

VideoA guided tour of Final Fantasy 13-2 features

Exploration! Monster training! Customisation!

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 battle in Valhalla trailer

Square Enix sequel coming 3rd February.

VideoFresh Final Fantasy 13-2 footage

Keep your finger on the Gran Pulse.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 new TGS trailer

With the Japanese Xbox 360 theme song.

VideoFinal Fantasy 13-2 TGS trailer

Returning characters and battles shown.

VideoLatest Final Fantasy XIII-2 footage

Massive new Squenix RPG out 2012.

VideoFinal Fantasy XIII-2 footage detailed

With producer, director commentary.

VideoFinal Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning teaser

Flash of footage surges in.

VideoLatest Final Fantasy XIII-2 footage

Dated December 2011 for Japan.

VideoSquare Enix teases Final Fantasy XIII-2

Release date set for "next Winter".