Final Fantasy 13-2 News

Microsoft announces 50+ titles for Xbox Game Pass

Final Fantasy! The Witcher 3! Minecraft Dungeons! More!

Final Fantasy 13 PC will get 1080p support next week

To coincide with the Steam release of FF13-2.

Final Fantasy 13-2 PC has most, but not all, the console DLC

Plus, FF13 PC update adds customisable resolution options.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Steam release date announced

UPDATE: Supports "custom resolutions" and costs 12.99.

Final Fantasy 13 series is coming to PC

With the first Final Fantasy 13 dated for next month.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 canned - report

New Final Fantasy 13 project announcements coming.

Square Enix teases Final Fantasy 13-3

Suggests FF10 HD is a long way off.

Final Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC released today

Lightning and Snow expansions, plus new Moogle outfits.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Assassin's Creed costume DLC released

Plus Gilgamesh, PuPu opponents, new Serah outfit.

Sainsbury's increases new game stock, launches sale

"Customers can be assured they can get the most popular games from us."

Final Fantasy 13-2 Mass Effect 3 DLC EU release date, price

N7 armour out next week. New screenshots released.

Mass Effect 3 DLC coming to Final Fantasy 13-2

UPDATE: First screenshot revealed.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning DLC out mid-May

Jihl Nabaat DLC out 13th March.

Sakaguchi has faith in current Final Fantasy producer

But occasionally "complains a little bit".

Final Fantasy creator's next project is a surfing iPhone game

Sakaguchi "really tired" of talking about Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Sazh DLC release date, price details

New sidestory, skimpy costumes incoming.

UK Top 40: Final Fantasy 13-2 wins first place

Metal Gear HD beats SoulCalibur 5, NeverDead no-where.

Lightning, Snow and Sazh FF 13-2 DLC episodes teased

Character specific volumes to extend story.

GAME in trouble as doubt cast on ability to stock new games

UPDATE: GAME responds, guarantees Vita launch.

First Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC announced

Story-based extensions incoming.

You can make Lightning a Final Fantasy 13-2 party member

Lightning's DLC includes secret story episodes.

Final Fantasy 13-2 demo coming to PSN

Plus, Asura's Wrath, Grand Slam Tennis 2.

Final Fantasy 13-2 sales well down on FF13

Japan charts: how the Vita's launch line-up fared.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Xbox 360 exclusive DLC revealed

Bow weapon Azrael, for Serah, costs 80 Microsoft Points.

Star Ocean developer tri-Ace helped make Final Fantasy 13-2

For game design, artwork, programming and more.

SE wants to release a Final Fantasy every year or two

To follow COD, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield model.

Square Enix hints at Final Fantasy 15 as an action RPG

"That's a trend, and you ignore things like that at your peril."

Dragon Quest 10 and Final Fantasy 13-2 teams "swap notes"

Yuji Hori's influence visible in 13-2.

Final Fantasy 13-2 bosses are tougher

But Easy Mode should help you out.

Final Fantasy 13-2 has a bonus for Final Fantasy 13 players

"Almost no difference" between PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Final Fantasy 13-2 special edition info

Limited and Crystal editions chronicled.

Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC plan revealed

One or two updates every month.

Final Fantasy 13-2 pre-order extras

Hardback, costumes, exclusive content.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Xbox 360 on one disc

But has same amount of content as 13.

Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC confirmed

Costumes, monsters and weapons planned.

New Square Enix engine next-gen ready

Luminous Studio targets DirectX 11.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 "early 2012" for EU

Type-0 still without a western release date.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 out in January

Lightning strikes twice.

Play FFXIII-2 at Eurogamer Expo

Lightning and co head to London.

Small Final Fantasy XIII-2 delay

From winter 2011 to early 2012.

Square Enix blames bad year on FFXIV

And a "weak" console performance.

FFXIII-2: Keep your FFXIII save handy

Could a surprise be in store?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 darker than X-2

XIII characters to return in new forms.

FFXIII-2 has an evolved battle system

Out in Europe next winter.