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Digital FoundryFinal Fantasy 13 on Xbox One X is a back-compat masterpiece

Enhanced performance, 9x resolution boost - and vastly improved video cutscenes.

The recent arrival of Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox One is a simply brilliant addition to the backwards compatible library. And for X owners at least, the transformation is astonishing: what was originally the least preferable version of the game is now by far and away the best way to play it. Better still, it also sees Microsoft going the extra mile to bring an enhanced experience to users, to the point where the line blurs significantly between backwards compatibility and a bespoke remastering effort. Podcast #99: FF13-2 and Amalur RPG Special

Martin and Oli give their reckonings to Tom Champion.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! It's time for the troops to shuffle into a side-room as we ring the bell for another Eurogamer Podcast in this, the 99th instalment of our irregular vowel movements. We're moving dangerously close to our 100th episode (and as you rightly pointed out last week it's not quite a centenary, but well.... It's felt like 100 years) and to celebrate we're talking about two recent high-profile RPG offerings.

The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

FeatureThe truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

Why stores do it and what it means for gamers.

One of the less popular trends of 2011 was the ramping up of the retailer-exclusive in-game extra. You know the sort of the thing - pre-order a title from Game and get a couple of extra character skins, choose HMV and get some weapon unlocks, or give your money to Zavvi and get early access to a map.

Depending on where you stand, it's either a nice bit of added value or a nuisance that prevents fans experiencing absolutely everything a game has to offer. Until recently it's been fairly easy to ignore. But things took a left turn with the release of Batman: Arkham City earlier this year, when UK supermarket giant Tesco secured a significant slab of DLC content all for themselves - a separate set of missions called Joker's Carnival Challenge Map. A sign of things to come, perhaps?

With that in mind we approached a number of UK retailers, publishers and developers to find out more about the process, why it happens and whether gamers are doomed to suffer as a result.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Preview

FeatureFinal Fantasy 13-2 Preview

Cie'n it all before?

If you don't like Final Fantasy 13-2, it's your own fault.

For better or worse, the sequel to Square Enix's hard-to-love 2009 effort is a product of democracy. From its opening moments, it's clear that the franchise's core fanbase - or at least its noisier elements - has played a central role in how the game has taken shape.

Did you complain that Final Fantasy 13 was too linear? Square has listened - the corridors have widened out. Thought the first one took an age to get going? Fixed - FF13-2 throws you straight into a wildly OTT boss battle. Were you one of those stamping their feet at the lack of towns to explore and NPCs to chat up? Fear not - 13-2 is busier than Bluewater on Boxing Day. Or perhaps you took to a message board to decry the lack of merchants or Moogles? Rejoice - they're back.

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FeatureFinal Fantasy XIII-2

Any sign of a Pulse?

What with Final Fantasy XIII's soggy reception in 2009 and XIV Online's disastrous false start last year, these are dog days for Square Enix's flagship brand. Considering how stablemate and chief competitor Dragon Quest kicked into a new gear with last year's gangbusting Sentinels of the Starry Skies, suddenly the JRPG behemoth is looking decidedly fallible.