Final Fantasy XIII


Digital Foundry | Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox One X is a back-compat masterpiece

Enhanced performance, 9x resolution boost - and vastly improved video cutscenes.

Final Fantasy 13 PC will get 1080p support next week

To coincide with the Steam release of FF13-2.

Final Fantasy 13 series is coming to PC

With the first Final Fantasy 13 dated for next month.

Feature | Why Xbox failed in Japan

From the archive: the inside story on Microsoft's greatest ever challenge.

Square Enix teases Final Fantasy 13-3

Suggests FF10 HD is a long way off.

Sakaguchi has faith in current Final Fantasy producer

But occasionally "complains a little bit".

SE wants to release a Final Fantasy every year or two

To follow COD, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield model.

Square Enix hints at Final Fantasy 15 as an action RPG

"That's a trend, and you ignore things like that at your peril."

Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain registered

More to come from Lightning and Snow?

360 Final Fantasy XIII flops in Japan

Held up by the snow? Lightning?

FFXIII: Mistakes, conflict, standstill

Game's makers slice open the cadaver.

Square Enix hints at FFXIII-2

Wants "story where Lightning ends up happy".

No new episode for FFXIII - Square

Publisher clarifies earlier reports.

FFXIII 360 heads to Japan, new content

Budget edition has extra episode.

Wada unsure of Final Fantasy's future

"Should FF become a new type of game?"

FFXIII sells 5.5m units for Square Enix

DQIX, Batman help make record results.

BioWare man: FFXIII is "not an RPG"

SWTOR writer courts controversy.

Digital Foundry | Final Fantasy XIII: Endgame

Digital Foundry vs. FFXIII. The final analysis.

UK charts: Final Fantasy XIII is top

PS3 and 360 SKUs nearly neck and neck.

FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

Monster RPG ships 5m copies.

HMV throwing FFXIII party today

On Oxford Street in cor blimey London.

Final Fantasy XIII on sale today

PS3 and 360 RPG hits elves. Shelves.

Digital Foundry | FFXIII uses much less space on 360

Digital Foundry explores and explains.

FFVII remake "unrealistic to happen"

It would take too long, says Kitase.

HMV to host Final Fantasy XIII launch

Kitase! Kamikokuryo! Free CDs! Alex Zane.

Leona Lewis gives verdict on FFXIII

Graphics are "insane", says X-Factor star.

FFXIII DLC off the cards again

"It's the complete package".

Kitase "really interested" in FFVII remake

"I don't get tired of people asking that".

Square Enix admits FFXIII screen fakery

Identical PS3 and 360 shots were "altered".

FFXIII Xbox 360 bundles revealed

Engraved hard drives! Avatar bits!

Feature | Final Fantasy XIII

Kitase and Toriyama on the Western reaction and going multiformat.

Square "interested" in 3D Final Fantasy

Produced a trailer for Japanese cinemas.

Final Fantasy XIII

X10 screenshot bundle.

FFXIII devs confused by Wada comment

Offer their thoughts on series future.

FFXIII will get DLC, says Kitase

Will arrive in West a "little later".

Western FFXIII "finally completed"

Toriyama talks up enhancements.

Loads of content cut from FFXIII - report

Enough to make a whole new game, in fact.

New Super Mario Bros. on top in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII sales up to 1.8m.

Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning strike.

FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch

Game goes on sale in the Far East.

Video | Final Fantasy XIII street date announcement

A lengthy trailer explaining the hype.

Final Fantasy XIII dated for US/Europe

Simultaneous PS3/360 launch in March.

FFXIII's Crystarium system detailed

Plus: big news tomorrow, chocobos, more.

International FFXIII out before April?

Square Enix boss Wada sounds hopeful.

FFXIII PS3 Slim bundle shown at TGS

Picture of fancy design within.

Square Enix confirms FFXIII date

Mid-December for 60 quid.

Feature | Final Fantasy XIII

Summoning and soundbites from director Motomu Toriyama.

New Western FFXIII demo TBC

Game to be spread across three discs.

FFXIII out simultaneously on PS3/360

Square Enix finally confirms.

FFXIII 360 was begun two months ago

Coming along nicely, judging by E3 showing.

E3: Final Fantasy XIII

Until FFIV, whenever that may be.

E3: Final Fantasy XIII 360 in spring

Game shown at MS conference.

Final Fantasy XIII "coming 2010"

Pre-E3 billboard says so.

FFXIII Japanese voices unlikely for 360

Not enough room, says producer.

FFXIII to hit Europe in under a year

Square looking to cut translation time.

FFXIII retail-version changes detailed

So what's different about the demo?

Final Fantasy XIII

A glimpse of the future.

FFXIII given official winter 2009 date

But European whereabouts still "TBC".

FFXIII battle system revealed

Plus: story follows multiple threads.

FFXIII still on track for 2009 release

Development work "going favourably".

DQIX issue may delay FFXIII launch

"There's a possibility," says Wada.

New Final Fantasy XIII footage released

Square Enix flashes some gameplay.

Countdown clock appears on FFXIII site

Register now to see "new vision" soon.

No FFXIII in US/Europe until 2010

But Japanese PS3 version out this year.

Feature | Coming Attractions: MMOs & RPGs

Taking 2009 to another level.

Work yet to start on FFXIII for Xbox 360

Simultaneous Euro release looks unlikely.

Square Enix to charge for FFXIII demo?

European arm declining to comment.

No FFXIII 360 for Japan: it's official

Literally dozens left disappointed.

MS on why FFXIII is coming to 360

It's all about console sales, apparently.

Final Fantasy XIII for Japan in 2009

Western 360 version not started yet.

Wada says Square Enix is platform-neutral

Always considering "territory and hardware".

Sony downplays FFXIII Xbox 360 deal

"It's not an exclusive on their platform."

FFXIII "opens doors" for 360 in Japan

Microsoft VIP Shane Kim optimistic.

Final Fantasy XIII

Now on Xbox 360.

Feature | Final Fantasy comes to 360

Questions and answers from the Square Enix press conference. Mostly the former.

FFXIII Versus "on hold", says Nomura

Spin-off not currently top priority.

Final Fantasy XIII on show this summer

At Japanese Square Enix event.

Final Fantasy XIII demo this year

More info expected at GDC in Feb.

FFXIII not before April 2008

Square Enix boss says so.

FFXIII world for 10 years

Base of multiple products.

FFXIII demo this year

Square Enix aiming for E3.

FFXIII video to show at TGS

Squenix also promises some new game announcements.

Kojima, Nomura back PS3

For long-term success.

FFXIII to use motion-sensing

Plus: battle system details.

FF to look like Advent Children?

That's the aim with XIII.

Two new FF games for PS3

Plus two titles for Wii, too.

Halo 3 and FFXIII at E3?

Release date claims, too.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.