Final Fantasy XII News

Looks like Final Fantasy 12 HD Remaster is real

UPDATE: Composer issues statement, fails to rule out remaster.

Japanese FFXIII demo gets release date

Plus: Advent Children film due in April.

Squenix wins copyright suit

Music vid plagiarised FF.

FFXII hogs top spot

PS2 holds its own.

FFXII holds off Crackdown

PS2 exclusive claims top spot.

Exclusive: FFXII television ad

Patrick Stewart on EGTV.

Final Fantasy XII HMV launch

Dress up to win stuff.

Squenix talks FFXII conversion

Up to the standards of KH2.

PAL FFXII in early 2007

Bit of a wait, then.

Special FFXII PS2 unveiled

But will it make it to Europe?

FFXII to cost extra in Japan

But what about over here?

FFXII demo with Dragon Quest

For the US, and maybe us too.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

FFXII producer leaves

Health complications for Matsuno.

FFXII, Kingdom Hearts II dated

News from the Square Enix Party.

FFXII confusion cleared up

PS2 only, says Squenix