Final Fantasy XI News

Final Fantasy 11 shuts down its console servers

The PS2 version lasted for nearly 14 years.

FF11 is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka departs Square Enix amid health concerns.

Final Fantasy XI Abyssea Edition incoming

All MMO's content bundled together.

Final Fantasy servers back up this week

Service resumes after earthquake outage.

Final Fantasy XI, XIV offline

Square Enix reduces power consumption.

Squenix warns of FFXI server breach

Player accounts disclosed as a result.

FFXIV testing to begin 11th March

Also, three mini-expansions for FFXI.

FFXI Ultimate Collection dated

All add-ons under one roof.

FFXI update and expansion dated

Third mini-expansion and more soon.

Square Enix being sued by FFXI player

For allegedly concealing monthly fees.

FFXI mini-expansion arriving on Sunday

A Crystalline Prophecy the first of three.

First FFXI mini-expansion dated

Crystalline Prophecy comes true.

Next Squenix MMO will be "different"

Rumoured to show up at E3.

FFXI to get three new expansions

Digital only, starting spring next year.

Final Fantasy XI available digitally

For PC, in Europe, via Metaboli.

Buddy system coming to FFXI

Painless grouping with lower-level players.

Square Enix dates FFXI 2008 bundle

All those expansions included.

US police refuse to investigate MMO theft

Nicked FFXI items worth nearly USD 4000.

FFXI Wings dated

Expansion in November.

New FFXI expansion announced

Wings of the Goddess.

FFXI for X360 gets an update

And 2000 players get banned.

Squenix on FFXI sequel report

'Not true' is the gist of it.

Blizzard, Squenix take action

Against greedy old cheats.

Squenix talks chocobo-rearing

In Final Fantasy XI.

Square Enix bans FFXI gil-sellers

700 chucked after market spikes.

FFXI 360 date, new PC expansion

The latter included in 360 version.

FFXI 360 beta set for December

So still time to move to Japan.

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

FFXI needs X360 HDD?


UK iTunes could see FF music

Says Squenix as Final Fantasy hits US iTunes.