Final Fantasy X

Key events

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PC

UPDATE: New video shows how good the game looks running natively at 4K.

Final Fantasy 10 HD includes 10-2 HD on PS3

But they're separate on PlayStation Vita.

Square Enix teases Final Fantasy 13-3

Suggests FF10 HD is a long way off.

Final Fantasy 10 HD remake for Vita and PS3 is a remaster

But visuals will be much better, promises Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 10 HD for Vita, PS3

Plus, two new Vita IPs from Square

Square Enix Masterpieces trademarked

HD remakes on the way?

Final Fantasy tops poll

Of games that make us cry.

UK iTunes could see FF music

Says Squenix as Final Fantasy hits US iTunes.

ReviewFinal Fantasy X

Review - Square's PlayStation 2 epic finally hits the West, with aplomb

FeatureFinal Fantasy X

Preview - the most eagerly anticipated RPG of the year won't be available in Europe until 2002, but it sounds like it will be worth hanging around for