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Kudo Tsunoda shouts us through the basics.

Boxing's always been about personalities. I don't follow the sport particularly, but even I can identify most of the people who've been involved in it. Not too surprising, then, that EA's Kudo Tsunoda is quite a character himself. He wears shades in January, talks at about a mile a minute, and constantly says things that I'm surprised his PR minders aren't yelling at him about. When one of the journos questions the presence of a Burger King logo on a replay overlay, he says, "It's because it's the Burger King punch of the round," - an obvious reference to the game's TV styling, which owes a lot to EA's deal with ESPN. "Or, as we like to call it, the Burger King five-hundred-thousand-dollars-for-us punch of the round." Er. "Um, yeah, don't write that down." Too late.