FIFA Street 3 News

EA announces FIFA Street 4

EA announces FIFA Street 4

Early next year, built by FIFA team.

EA has announced FIFA Street during its Gamescom 2011 press conference.

It's due out early 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Technically this is the fourth FIFA Street game, although the number has been dropped from the title.

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Peter Crouch Achievement in FIFA Street

We thought you'd want to know.

People's Hero Peter Crouch is a benevolent sort, so when EA asked him if he wanted to be in FIFA Street 3 looking like a Barbie doll that's been in a microwave for 8 minutes, he had no problem with that. However, it turns out that EA has honoured his sacrifice with a specific Peter Crouch Achievement on Xbox 360.

FIFA Street 3 demo on Live/PSN

Demo on both download services.

Everyone's favourite game about PEOPLE'S HERO PETER CROUCH has arrived on Xbox Live and - Sony confirmed later in the day - PlayStation Network in demo form.

FIFA Street 3 heading to DS

Heading again, eh? You bore.

Electronic Arts has revealed that in addition to PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, FIFA Street 3 is also on its way to Nintendo DS and will be released "early next year" - the same time as the others.