Going into extra time.

People have every right to moan about the monotony of incremental 'spot the difference' updates. We can understand that the ever-changing nature of sports games justifies a new version every year, but when it comes to FIFA, EA not only takes the biscuit, but waves it in your face, munches it with undisguised glee, dances a jig on the coffee table and runs out of the door screaming with its shirt pulled over its head. Not even counting FIFA Street 2, FIFA 07 on Xbox 360 is the fifth update to the franchise in just shy of 400 days.

Over the past 12, 13 months, we (well, mainly me, to be precise) have had to reconsider and re-evaluate the franchise so often that we thought it might be easier to just collate our most recent diatribes and run them through our newly constructed random review generator. You'd barely see the join. So, join us for highlights of FIFA 07: the 'no really, this year it's better than ever' edition.

In fact, I'm feeling mischievous today, so let's play a little game of "guess which FIFA review was this quote is from". Answers at the foot of the review. No peeping.

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FIFA World Cup kicking off

The Xbox 360 one, obviously.

The third annual FIFA Interactive World Cup is due to kick off this weekend, with real-life and Xbox Live qualifiers due to take place worldwide over the course of the next month and a half until a winner is crowned at the grand final in Amsterdam on 9th December, where 128 people, and the winners of the last two tournaments, will be competing.

FIFA stars do the ironing

Comedy YouTube mo-cap japes.

Motion capture has been the backbone of animation in sports games like FIFA for years and years, but in and of itself it's incredibly boring - as you'll know if you've ever watched one of those behind-the-scenes videos they stuff around the edges of the disc as an unlockable.

FeatureUK Charts: FIFA blocks Lego

07 edition of EA's football series maintains grip on top slot.

Electronic Arts' FIFA '07 continues to demonstrate its retail staying power by remaining the top-selling title in the UK All Formats software charts on its second week of release.

FIFA '07 demo on Live

Remember to tip your router.

With the next-generation version of FIFA '07 due to launch on Xbox 360 before the end of the year, Electronic Arts has shoved a demo version up on Xbox Live Marketplace, which ought to give me something to concentrate on while Crouch is busy saving England again tomorrow afternoon.

FeatureUK Charts: Star Wars forced out by FIFA

Power in numbers for multiformat football favourite.

FIFA 07 has stormed the number one position in the Chart Track All Formats charts on no less than seven different formats, with the PS2 version responsible for 84 per cent of sales.

GC: PES, FIFA exclusive to 360

Microsoft brought a touch of the Abramoviches to the next-gen football market today, fashioning a deal to secure FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer's Xbox 360 exclusivity for the next 12 months.

FIFA '07, announced for 360 today, is based on a complete engine rewrite, and today's Microsoft conference in Leipzig saw producer Hugues Ricour demonstrating the game, which is due out later this year.

But it was only following a trailer for the 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - playable on Microsoft's stand - that Microsoft played its trump card. Addressing a football-loving German press pack, dotted with pesky foreigners (like me), executive Chris Lewis declared, "Microsoft owns football," with no small about of zeal as he pointed out that now it doesn't really matter which game you prefer, since there's only one place to play the flagship versions.

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Next-gen FIFA debuts on 360

PS3 version to follow in 2007.

Electronic Arts today unveiled the next-generation version of FIFA 07, promising a completely new experience based on an engine that's been two years in the making.

FeatureFIFA 07

Producer Hugues Ricour unveils the X360 version. PS3 next year.

Leipzig isn't the only thing kicking off today - EA Sports has also chosen this morning to unveil the highly anticipated next-generation version of FIFA 07, due out later this year on Xbox 360.

FIFA 07 tackles current-gen

This September.

As you'll already know if you've read today's interview, FIFA 07 is on its way to current-gen consoles on September 22nd - and it's boasting quite a few new features.

FeatureFIFA 07

Producer Joe Booth kicks off the season.

Our Liverpool-supporting dep-ed reckons FIFA's a bit like Gerard Houllier - so busy turning corners that it's no longer sure which direction it's facing. Even the recent World Cup edition - a definite improvement on the incredibly shabby Road to World Cup - had significant problems. It's been a fourth-in-the-Premiership sort of game for so long that it's difficult to figure out where it really needs updating. What it needs, you might argue, is new blood. A Rafa.