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EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

It's no secret the video game industry is trending towards digital, with an increasing percentage of console game sales coming from downloads each year.

But for EA, that trend is moving faster than it predicted.

In a financial call last night, EA predicted the industry will end 2017 probably above 40 per cent for full-game downloads. If correct, it means we're hurtling towards that magical 50 per cent milestone.

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YouTuber pleads guilty to FIFA gambling charges

UPDATE: Craig "Nepenthez" Douglas forced to pay £91k in fines and costs.

UPDATE 12.05pm: The UK Gambling Commission, which helped bring this case to court, has now weighed in with its own words on YouTuber Craig "Nepenthez" Douglas' sentencing:

Pause abuse. Celebration abuse. Replay abuse. Kick off abuse. Parking the bloody bus and passing around at the back for 80 minutes. FIFA players have for years trolled their online opponents by dragging out matches once they've taken the lead.

First FIFA 17 update makes the AI more attacking

After Jose Mourinho's Manchester United suffocated Liverpool into a soul-destroying goalless draw last night, EA Sports has updated FIFA 17 to make the AI more attacking.

It had nothing to do with last night's result, of course. Rather, the patch had to do with feedback that FIFA 17's AI parks the bus.

I reported on this in an article on FIFA 17 earlier this month. I've found that the computer is so good at defending, that you're often better off letting it defend for you.

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FIFA 17 is injuring the hell out of players

Is this how Arsène Wenger feels?

In real-life there are plenty of injury prone players knocking about. You know the type: they play a few games, get injured, spend a few weeks on the sidelines, come back, then get injured again. Think Jack Wilshere, Andy Carroll and all Arsenal players ever.

Last-gen FIFA 17 gets terrible Amazon customer reviews over lack of The Journey story mode

FIFA 17 on PC and current generation consoles has The Journey story mode. FIFA 17 on last generation consoles does not.

It seems a lot of people who bought the game on Xbox 360, for example, didn't realise this - and have taken to leaving negative customer reviews to express their anger.

The Amazon page for the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 17 is dominated by one-star customers reviews, left by those who feel misled by EA's marketing.

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FIFA 17 breaks series' launch week sales record

FIFA 17 breaks series' launch week sales record

Forza Horizon 3 beats Horizon 2.

A small game named FIFA 17 released in the UK last week and earned the highest UK launch sales of any FIFA title, ever.

FIFA 17 sales were 18 per cent up on last year - and enough that it edged past previous high watermark FIFA 13.

53 per cent of copies were sold on PlayStation 4, while 41 per cent were sold on Xbox One - despite Xbox One S console bundles including the game packed in.

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Each year EA sparks a heated debate over the player ratings in the latest FIFA game. For FIFA 17, for example, EA replaced Lionel Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo as the game's top-rated player, which upset some and pleased others.

FIFA 17 demo out tomorrow

UPDATE: Out now on all platforms.

UPDATE 14th September 2016: The FIFA 17 demo is out now for all platforms. It weighs in at around 8GB on current gen platforms and 1.5GB on last-gen consoles.

500GB and 1TB Xbox One S bundles announced

500GB and 1TB Xbox One S bundles announced

Coming to Europe 22nd September.

Two new Xbox One S bundles have been announced by Microsoft on stage at Gamescom, launching in Europe on the 22nd of September.

The console is bundled with FIFA 17 in a 500GB and 1TB version, retailing for £249 and £299 respectively. A month of EA Access is also included in the deal.

There has been no word, however, on any further availability for the Xbox One S 2TB edition before the Gears of War special edition launches, meaning it remains the best way to secure a 2TB console.

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FIFA 17 trailer gives first glimpse of new story mode

EA has shown off FIFA 17's new story mode, dubbed The Journey, in a dramatic trailer.

The new mode lets you lace up the boots of the Premier League's newest, most promising star - a man named Alex Hunter - as he prepares to make his first league appearance. Who he plays for is up to you; whichever club you pick though, it seems like you're in for a dramatic tale of ambition, politics and, presumably, football.

We'll have more on this mode very soon - in the meantime, check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.

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