FIFA 12 News

New QPR striker Remy sealed the deal by playing FIFA 12 with chairman

You'd think they'd have enough cash to buy FIFA 13.

EGX | Samsung planning giveaways, celeb appearances and other stuff at EG Expo

Pollyanna Woodward launching UK WCG qualifier, EA bringing a car, win a Galaxy Note.

EGX | Final qualifiers for World Cyber Games taking place at Eurogamer Expo

Play FIFA 12 and win a place at the finals in China.

Sony's PlayStation Summer Sale starts tomorrow

FIFA 12 on offer for £19.99. Was £54.99.

EA explains why Euro 2012 FIFA add-on isn't a standalone game

It's a way of offering "loyal, passionate FIFA fans new content."

Sainsbury's increases new game stock, launches sale

"Customers can be assured they can get the most popular games from us."

EA beefs up FIFA Ultimate Team security with new update

To better protect accounts from "phishers and scammers".

Xbox Live boss details Microsoft's "war on fraud"

Calls on gamers to help combat account hijackings.

EA has made $39 million from FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

Expects it to be $100 million by end of March.

EA claims 1.7m active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers

Plus, Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 both pass the 10m mark.

UK Top 40: Resident Evil: Revelations lands sixth

While FIFA 12 scores top spot again.

UK Top 40: FIFA 12 leads for a fourth week

As two Zumba games occupy top 10 spots.

The best selling UK video games of 2011

All together, and platform by platform.

UK Top 40: FIFA 12 enters 2012 in top spot

EA footy outing kicks new year chart.

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Stream games with Gaikai on right now

Play FIFA 12, Crysis 2, The Witcher 2 and Magicka in your web browser.

Skyrim is UK Christmas 2011 number one

Ends EA/Activision's 8-year dominance.

MS "investigating" Xbox Live refund customer service complaints

Apologises, is "taking several steps" to resolve issues.

Microsoft: Xbox Live has not been hacked

Gamers suffering from "malicious" phishing scams.

EA: how to fix FIFA 12 game crashes

You can blame yesterday's patch.

FIFA Ultimate Team XBL account hijacks were "not a hack"

Microsoft insists user security is "ingrained in its DNA".

Huge FIFA 12 PS3 and Xbox 360 patch out today

Should make a "really positive difference".

Japan chart: top 10 debuts for Dead Island, FIFA

While 3DS sales continue to soar.

Modern Warfare favourite for Christmas #1

Ladbrokes reckons it's a shoo-in.

FIFA 12 console patch released

Goalkeeper exploit removed.

Moore: 3DS aimed at "younger" gamers

Christmas sales to "test" Nintendo.

UK Top 40: Forza 4 fights off FIFA 12

PES lands fifth, Spider-man 39th.

XBL accounts hacked to buy FIFA packs

UPDATE: MS rules out wider security breach.

UK top 40: FIFA denies Rage, Dark Souls

But newcomers debut strongly.

FIFA 12 console patch in 2-3 weeks

Will make "big corrections".

FIFA IWC12 qualifiers at PS Access

PS3 game tour opens tomorrow.

FIFA 12 sells 3.2 million in a week

Biggest EA Sports launch ever.

UK Top 40: FIFA 12 boots up chart

Ico Collection enters in seventh.

EU PlayStation Store update 28th Sept

Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection MIA.

FIFA 12 UK midnight launches

Game, Gamestation prepare to open doors.

Out This Week - 30/09/11

FIFA 12! Resi: CV! Ico Collection!

Sony Ericsson: No need for Xperia Play 2

Xperia Play "won't be outperformed quickly".

EA: why Season Ticket offers great value

"We're not pushing anyone."

EA hopes you'll buy FIFA and FIFA Street

Explains how both games link together.

EG's Game of Gamescom 2011: The Nominees

A shortlist of 10. Winner announced Monday.

FIFA 12 demo release date announced

Weeks ahead of game's launch.

FIFA Ultimate Team on FIFA 12 disc

Previously a paid-for DLC add-on.

FIFA 12 an autumn Xperia Play exclusive

Other Android devices wait until Feb 2012.

Wayne Rooney has more hair in FIFA 12

To steer him towards the brunette.

EA Season Ticket subscription launches

Update: Why it's not on PS3 in Europe.

EA Sports: "Absolutely a time" for subs

Consumers "drive" time and place.

EA: Kinect won't "screw" with FIFA

"Potentially some cool stuff we can do."

FIFA 12 pre-order swag detailed

Pay up now, get Ultimate Team packs.

FIFA 12 has 4 commentators but no Gray

Tyler! Tyldesley! Smith! Townsend!

EA: FIFA 12 PC same as console versions

"Moment PC gamers have been waiting for."

EA solving Kinect problem for FIFA 13

Not ruling out Kinect-only version.

Four EA Sports titles to support Kinect

FIFA! Tiger! Madden! Something else!

FIFA 12 RRP is £54.99

Plus, cheaper Ultimate Edition announced.

Official FIFA 12 reveal, details

"Revolutionary not evolutionary."

FIFA 12 video leaks improvements

Fantastically wild tackles! True injuries!

No online play for FIFA 12 3DS

No StreetPass or SpotPass features, either.

Battlefield 3 playable at Eurogamer Expo

Plus FIFA 12 and loads more still to be unveiled.