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FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Pay Up or Shut Up

Why we should stop moaning and spend more on our games.

Last week, John decried the rise of the free-to-play game and, by extension, its cousins in the murky world of digital business models: micro-transactions and downloadable content.

FeatureFIFA 12

On top of the game.

Here's a question to ponder: will there ever be a FIFA release that feels absolutely complete? That's not to say that any FIFA game, at least in the recent PES-bashing era, has seemed like it's short-changed its audience. It's just that every single year EA Sports kicks out a new FIFA game and, over the last four years, the engine of every new entry in the series has benefited from a ton of tweaks and tucks which improve the in-game experience to the point that going back to the previous year's model seems almost unthinkable.

FeatureCheap This Week - 09/06/11

Arkham City! Mass Effect 3! Witcher 2!

It's an early bird special this week, with many of the biggest upcoming games available to pre-order now for really low prices. With all the new announcements coming out of E3, it looks like we've got an exciting year of gaming ahead of us, and this is your chance get in on the fun at discount prices.

FeatureFIFA 12

Making an impact.

For fans of the beautiful game, the purchase of a new FIFA has become as much a seasonal ritual as the purchase of their team's new football shirt. It's safe to assume both products will be well-tailored and relevant for a whole 12 months, but when there's talk of one of them offering "revolution not evolution" there's a hollow ring of marketing speak.