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4th October 2010

Mobile Games Roundup

27th September 2010


Sky Sports rapped for EA Sports branding

"Irrelevant", "unnecessary" and "blatant".

Have you noticed the EA Sports logo popping up on-screen during Sky Sports' football coverage? Of course you have – it's everywhere. Turns out Ofcom, the UK broadcasting regulator, has noticed, too – and isn't happy.

Will EA drop Andy Gray for FIFA 12?

Disgraced pundit's digital future unclear.

Sky Sports' has made it pretty clear this week that it doesn't jive too well with sexism in professional football, giving pundit Andy Gray the boot for disparaging remarks he made regarding female match official Sian Massey.

UK chart: Black Ops tastes third

FIFA 11, Just Dance muscle it out.

FIFA 11 retains the UK all-formats chart top spot this week, as Activision's record-shattering Call of Duty: Black Ops tumbles to an unprecedented third place.

FeatureFingers on the pulse

Which games get your heart racing the most?

Like many people, I've been been playing a lot of Black Ops lately. A little too much, perhaps. When you smear yourself in camo paint and start looking for decent camping spots on your way to the bus stop, you know you're overdoing it.

Huge FIFA 11 patch detailed, dated

EA will release a comprehensive FIFA 11 patch on 12th November for PlayStation 3 and 17th November for Xbox 360.

The patch will make the offside rule more accurate, improve shooting from weak volleys and eliminate "micro-pausing", among other things.

"Overall, your gameplay experience should now be even better," wrote the Football Live Team at EA Canada on FIFA 11's official forum.

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UK chart: FIFA 11 holds lead

Enslaved, Castlevania make top 10.

FIFA 11 has spent a second week at the top of the UK all-formats chart. Rival football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 had to settle for a debut in second.

FIFA 11 biggest sports game launch ever

FIFA 11 biggest sports game launch ever

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team free in November.

FIFA 11 has enjoyed the biggest sports game launch ever, EA has said.

It sold over 2.6 million copies globally and generated over $150 million in less than a week, according to internal estimates.

FIFA 11 is now the fastest selling sports game ever, and sparked the most online game usage in EA Sports history, said the delighted publisher.

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Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Danger! Gangstar! Crisis! FIFA! Squadron!

Given the huge surge in popularity of the Android handsets, it's surprising how poorly organised the Android Market really is. Sometimes you wish there was even a tiny bit of quality control to allow you to filter out the endless detritus from the odd decent game battling it out for recognition.

Simple things would make all the difference, like making sure that the 'Just In' picks were a list of everything worth checking out, as opposed to a long list of crap interspersed with a few gems. People are fond of knocking Apple for its closed system, but at least it seems to be able to filter out the worthless dregs. Would that be so hard for the organisers of the Android Market? Or is this a price of having a free market without compromises?

With so many of you out there checking out the Android scene, tips of interesting new titles are always welcome. There's so little publicity given to 99.9 per cent of all these releases, so the good stuff needs all the help it can get.

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FIFA 11 scores UK number one

Third biggest game launch ever.

There are no surprises at the top of the UK All-Formats Top 40 this week as EA Sports' FIFA 11 storms to the summit.



It ain't over until some people are on the pitch.

Last year, we thought it was all over. FIFA 10 was excellent and its advantage over rival Pro Evolution Soccer seemed greater than ever. Developer EA Canada still had a lot of work to do - Manager Mode was broken in places, keepers could be idiots and there was a clockwork precision to passing and moving that grated over time - but with a year of development and all the momentum, a sudden turnaround in fortunes looked about as likely as a Northampton win at Anfield in the Carling Cup.

Big changes this year have come in response to fan feedback, and the result is a game where your mileage will vary almost second to second. Spend a few minutes mucking around with a player in Arena mode - the interactive load screen where you're one-on-one with a goalkeeper - and you realise that no two shots are the same. Successful passing sequences used to be about movement, timing and very little else, but now they are also beholden to a player's inherent skill, the speed they're moving at, whether they're off-balance and all sorts of other quiet stats.

Passes also need to be better timed and weighted by you using a new passing meter, and you will need to be aware that the ball is more likely to deflect or be intercepted than in FIFA 10. Ball trajectory and pace have become wild cards, and so Wayne Bridge is not going to fluke a goal from the halfway line when you're 3-0 up any more, and there isn't as much point going short at a goal kick, because you won't be able to zigzag the ball past the centre circle without running into trouble or losing your composure. The crazy videogame stuff has virtually disappeared.

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FeatureEA Sports' Peter Moore

"People are paying $10 and enjoying Online Pass."

FIFA's a pretty big deal, which makes EA Sports president Peter Moore one of the most important executives in the industry. But it's easy to forget that the ex-Microsoft and Dreamcast man has more on his plate than virtual footie.

Moore: EA willing to admit it's wrong

Takes "12 angry men" on the web seriously.

Publishing behemoth EA is now willing to swallow its pride when its games go wrong and makes a point of listening to feedback from the community after years spent ignoring them, EA Sports president Peter Moore has said.


Screenshots from gamescom 2010.

Screenshots from gamescom 2010.


Pre-season warm-up.

As the drone of the vuvuzela fades from our consciousness and the pain of another abject English capitulation loosens its grip around our throttled pride, we come once again to that time of year where the FIFA bandwagon begins accelerating towards its annual release.

FIFA getting better stats for players

Player Performance Index to be used.

The distance real life footballers jump and the speed they hit shots will be incorporated into future versions of EA's monster football game series FIFA under a new partnership with the Premier League.


Back on the PC after two years away.

Back on the PC after two years away.

FIFA chief unconvinced by motion control

Experiments yet to satisfy, says Rutter.

FIFA boss man David Rutter has said there are no plans to incorporate Kinect or Move support into his game any time soon, as his team has yet to find a compelling reason to offer it.

FIFA 11 developers tackle Clubs, quitters

Teamplay changes and anti-quit measures.

The developers of FIFA 11 have told Eurogamer that they are "confident" of fixing the things people find offputting about the multiplayer side of FIFA, but that people quitting out from losing positions "comes with the territory".

No online Manager Mode in FIFA 11

But it's a "long-term" ambition.

FIFA 11 lead producer David Rutter has told Eurogamer that EA Sports does not intend to introduce an online Manager Mode this year but it's possible one day.

FeatureFIFA 11

Personality+! Pro Passing! Er, custom chants?

While other 10-million-selling game developers throw their lawsuits out of the pram and cuddle up to new sugar daddies, one of the biggest and most bankable development teams in the world quietly gets on with business in Vancouver.

World Cup producer on tackling quitters

Could incentivise people for staying course.

Update: Simon Humber has contacted Eurogamer to clarify the quotes below. "What I believe I said to Mr Minkley, when asked about quitting, was that there is another way to think about the problem," he wrote in an email.