Feral Rites

How Insomniac shifted from big blockbusters to eccentric experiments

Ratchet dev is making five games, including four new IPs and three VR titles.

Insomniac Games prides itself on being first. At a recent media event attended by Eurogamer at the company's Burbank studio, Insomniac chief creative officer Brian Hastings gloats about how the company's upcoming aquatic adventure Song of the Deep is its "first metroidvania game", starring "the first solo female hero we've ever done" and it's "the first time we've ever released a novel to accompany the release of a game."

Insomniac announces two new Oculus-exclusive games

Insomniac announces two new Oculus-exclusive games

Savage "adventure-brawler" Feral Rites and PvP spellcasting fighter The Unspoken.

Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games has announced two new Oculus-exclusive titles. These are in addition to the studio's already announced third-person survival-horror Oculus game Edge of Nowhere.

One of them is an Oculus Touch-based two-player competitive game about dueling with spells in a mystical realm hidden within urban Chicago. It's called The Unspoken and it's a whole lot of fun. That's due in "holiday 2016".

The other, which won't be playable until E3 and is due this autumn, is a third-person "adventure-brawler" called Feral Rites.

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